Menstrual Cups Use Karna “Asan” hai! (pun intended). (Menstrual Cups are easy to use) But that is not the only reason why one should use a menstrual cup as opposed to the sanitary products they have used all their lives. Menstrual cups are affordable, sustainable, and comfortable to use, plus you don’t have to worry about leakages, ever! India is among the countries with the least amount of education on personal hygiene amongst rural and urban women. Most rural women are still using cloth for their period which easily allows bacterial overgrowth and makes the women vulnerable to many unwanted infections.

Tune in to this episode of TBCY where we bring you social entrepreneur, Ira Guha, Founder, and CEO of Asan, whose mission is to eradicate period poverty with the help of a sustainable menstrual product- Asan Cup. For every menstrual cup Asan sells, they donate one for free to a person who cannot afford any period products. Listen to her journey of transitioning from a corporate job to social entrepreneurship for this amazing cause while she busts all our myths on menstrual cups, women’s hygiene, and more!

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