What are the basic qualities a CEO should have? If half of our population is women, how many women should be sitting on the board of that company? What can be done to improve this disparity? How important is it to think about sustainability? Tune in to get the answers to all the important questions if you’re just starting up your own firm or beginning your professional career, this podcast literally has all your answers! 

Today on our show we have with us, Julie Hill. Julie is the Founder of The Hill Company, Director of Anthem which is a Fortune 50 company, she also sits on the boards of many companies and does philanthropic activities in the US. Julie shares her story of becoming a CEO at a very young age. She has worked her way up through sheer hard work and determination. Being a corporate leader for so long, she tells us what makes a CEO, a good one, she truly believes in servant leadership where the employer is responsible for the growth of his employees and gives back. She then shares an interesting anecdote from her own life when she was made the sustainability head in her office because of being a woman. She then discusses how things have changed since then and sustainability has become a major part of all the organizations, she believes that we have only a few years left to save the planet.

Julie sits at several boards of many big companies and she shares how she determines which board to sit on, she meets the auditors and the lawyers of the company and then finds out the philosophy of the CEO to understand what he believes in, she wants the company’s boards to be equitable, diverse, and transparent. Julie then shares her take on gender balance at the corporates and what can be done to bring a state of balance. She opines in the favour of quotas and reservations for women but at the same time, the women must be suitable for the job.

Julie suggests that people should talk and try to understand where the biases come from in the first place to remove them from the workplace. Tune in to listen to her incredible journey!

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