Laura Patterson, President VisionEdge Marketing

Laura Patterson, President VisionEdge Marketing

  • Laura is the President of VisionEdge Marketing.
  • She is the author of four books.




With social media gaining a larger part of our lives, businesses have resorted to them for marketing their brands. A business branch, which was earlier seldom seen to be a cost, is now an investment, trying to gain maximum eyeballs and attraction to a brand for its success.

But with the advent of technology in every field, the crux of a process remains the same. What is marketing? Why is it significant? How to approach it? We have all your questions answered in our conversation with a leading marketing specialist, Laura Patterson.

[00:36] About Laura Patterson

  • Laura is the President of VisionEdge Marketing.
  • She is the author of four books.

[01:04] Work of VisionEdge Marketing

  • We collaborate with firms to accelerate profitable customer-centric growth by mobilizing leading-edge analytics, leveraging proven frameworks and processes, and integrating lessons from best practices.
  • Our customers tap this expertise to foster faster more confident decisions, organizational alignment, operational excellence, and build critical skills.
  • As a trusted partner with scores of firms since 1999, we work side-by-side in creating and driving strategies that produce results.

[02:52] About VisionEdge Marketing

  • Unlike a lot of other consulting firms, we don’t leave our customers to depend on us.
  • We believe in teaching people how to fish.

[04:28] What goes into building a successful brand?

  • Being able to articulate your value in customer-centric terms.
  • Make sure it is really relevant to the market that you are in.
  • Develop and implement a strategy that is going to be engaging.

[05:37] How is data changing decision-making in marketing?

  • Marketing has used data to make all kinds of decisions like segmentations, personas, or customer buying journeys.
  • The real challenge that many organizations have is how to take that data and turn it into intelligence.
  • When we had less, we actually did more. And we need to be able to understand how to convert that intelligence into insight and then apply that insight to solve a business problem.

[12:55] Brand communication in a shorter attention span

  • We used to do message maps that had both long and short-form messaging.
  • You have to build your message map very clearly to have a better opportunity.

[19:58] Three life lessons

  • Be clear about your principles and values.
  • Do the right thing. Sometimes the right thing isn’t the easiest thing.
  • It is okay to work hard.


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