Kim Polman, Co-Founder, Reboot the Future Foundation

Kim Polman, Co-Founder, Reboot the Future Foundation

  • Kim Polman was born in the United States but considers herself a citizen of the world whilst she currently resides in London, UK.




00:39- About Kim Polman

  • Kim Polman was born in the United States but considers herself a citizen of the world whilst she currently resides in London, UK.
  • She has been an environmentalist for many decades.
  • The Golden Rule has always been significant to her, which is why she co-curated the book called Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation, a collection of essays from thought leaders and change agents, and established Reboot the Future Foundation.

01:24- Being an Environmentalist

  • I was always very close to nature.
  • I did not become a scientist or an activist or a politician.
  • I am just a regular person who has always cared about the environment.

03:32- How does caring about nature translate to co-curating the book, Imaginary Cells?

  • My co-author had a magazine and wanted to make a book format for interviewing people about leadership.
  • I proposed that we asked the leaders about the golden rule because they are actually living the golden rule.
  • An imaginal cell is a cell that’s innate in the caterpillar that holds the vision of the butterfly.
  • It’s already existing, but it’s dormant in the caterpillar and for us, that dormant cell is that we care for others. It is the golden rule.

12:17- Key activities

  • We work a lot in education. We have a very strong program.
  • A website called global dimension and that’s a resource for teachers to tap into that.
  • It’s a platform for all kinds of educational materials that different organizations produce.

19:40- Recognizing Imaginal People

  • They are generous in their hearts.
  • They care deeply.
  • They are trying to find solutions to these problems.
  • They’re not seeking self-glory or money for themselves.
  • They are not arrogant and work in collaboration with others.


You can connect with Kim Polman- LinkedIn

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Kim Polman is Co-Founder & Chair of Reboot the Future, a foundation whose purpose is to remind us that a better future is possible if we treat others and the planet as we’d wish to be treated.  She co-authored her first book on this very philosophy, Imaginal Cells, Visions of Transformation.

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