Jamie Dixon | Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Author

Jamie Dixon | Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Author

  • Jamie is a leadership coach and trainer.
  • He is also the author of three books.



For a long time, coaching in the professional world has been viewed to be meant for the weak or seemingly incompetent to be able to catch up with their peers. But, there has been a recent realization that coaching is paramount for top leadership, enabling them to think clearly and devise strategies and plans of action. In today’s episode, we discuss several ideas behind the importance of coaching for leaders.

[00:31] – About Jamie Dixon

  • Jamie is a leadership coach and trainer.
  • He is also the author of three books.

[05:44] – What has changed in the world of coaching that it has become a profession and people are willing to pay for it?

  • Coaching is a lot more widespread in international companies than the local companies, because there’s still that mindset that I just want to do things, and have no time to learn things.
  • In the more international companies, you have people who have naturally been exposed to different ways of thinking.
  • They understand that being able to get your thinking straight, gives you an edge in a competitive world.
  • That is what coaching helps people with. It helps them get the right angle on their thinking and think things through. And people recognize that this is an edge in an extremely competitive world and that they need help. 

[08:25] – How do you define leadership?

  • The most important part is the people side of things. 
  • Strategy and business acumen are also very important parts of leadership, but not as much as people. 
  • The people side of leadership thing of leadership is about being able to get people aligned, get them on board, and get them working in the same direction. 
  • It requires that a leader is able to articulate their vision, articulate a clear direction, build relationships with people, and motivate people in the way they need to be motivated. 


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  • Jamie is a leadership coach and trainer.
  • He is also the author of three books.

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