When education takes over, ignorance ceases to exist

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Education is one of the most important pillars of democracy. A society without education is like land without plantation- barren. Every individual, no matter their religion, race, cast, sex, gender has an equal right to education. Education is not only our right but also our responsibility.

A responsibility to give back to society.

A responsibility to make this world a better place.

That being said, if only a part of a country’s population receives education, will it be fair to the other half?

Will that society be really equal and prosperous?

India is home to 136.64 crore unique individuals. And each has the right to equal and fair education by law. Yet, illiteracy is one of the biggest issues that India faces as a country. India is home to 35% of the world’s illiterate population! (according to a 2017–18 report by UNESCO)

To further divide the issue, female illiteracy is comparatively higher when compared to male illiteracy. The gender gap in basic education is distinct in our country.

Women belonging to many rural areas are restricted from gaining primary education, even now. In many villages, access to education still remains a problem. Lack of schools and educators, orthodox outlook of the rural communities and patriarchal traditions have resulted in a very low rate of female literacy.

The Brand Called You has featured numerous leaders working towards women empowerment. One that stands very uniquely is Business Leader and Consultant, Arvind Mahajan.

About Arvind:

Arvind Mahajan is an accomplished professional and senior manager. Arvind is a B Com Honors and has finished his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He has been a senior consultant and corporate leader for many years. Arvind has worked for KPMG, PWC, IBM, Ferguson and Procter & Gamble.

Currently Arvind is the President and Founding member of IIMPACT. IIMPACT is an organization that works towards providing free education to more than 60,000 girls in rural India.

The story behind IIMPACT:

The 25th reunion of the 1978 IIM Ahmedabad batch in 2002 led to a very interesting discussion among the alumni. A common goal to give back to the society led them to kick start IIMPACT-

A non profit focused on the education of girls belonging to economically and socially weaker backgrounds.

Their main focus was the empowerment of girl child through educational transformation and facilities. They wanted to encourage non school going girls between the age of 6–14 and get them enrolled for primary education.

IIMPACT works towards making learning joyful and transforming communities with the power of education. They targeted regions with wide literacy gaps between the male and female students and carried out their welfare activities.

Arvind, the President and Founding member firmly believes that one of the biggest investments one can make is educating girls. They not only enrich themselves but also the society and their families through their education.

Some Statistics:

IIMPACT started with 12 learning centers in a few villages of Alwar district of Rajasthan. Today, IIMPACT has over 2000 learning centers in 11 states. They provide primary education free of cost to 60,000 rural girls !

Why Primary Education?

When asked why only primary education is majorly focused, Arvind responds

“The aim for primary education was to provide the girls a foundation in literacy and numeracy. And provide a bridge to government schools at the 5th class, so that they can continue their learning from that point”

The organization keeps track of the progress of the girls and their futures. A number of girls have also returned to IIMPACT wanting to give back, post their higher education. The organization is open to donations and has received love from people across the country.

Their work is embedded in values of empowerment, empathy, selflessness and hard work!

IIMPACT has set an impeccable example of empowerment for the entire country.

“We cannot succeed if half of us are held back!”- Malala Yousafzai.

When the focus shifts to the empowerment of those who are marginalized, we witness inclusion.

When the focus of welfare shifts from the rich to the poor, we witness growth.

And when the focus of education shifts from part to whole, we witness progress!

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