Sonja Pemberton, CEO, and Founder, SRP International

Sonja Pemberton, CEO, and Founder, SRP International

  • Sonja Pemberton is the CEO, and Founder of SRP International.




Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, are three words that go together as a trinity. It is hard to define. If we look at it, we can see that diversity comes from the word “diverse” which is “different in nature or kind”. So, inclusion is about bringing or keeping people together. So, what does all this mean? What does this have to do with business and HR? In this episode, Sonja Pemberton, CEO, and Founder, of SRP International explains these words in length.

00:36- Sonja Pemberton

  • Sonja Pemberton is the CEO, and Founder of SRP International.
  • As a speaker and organizational inclusion strategist, I have been privileged to lead, mentor, and coach all career levels and generations in leadership development, communication, and culture.

00:54- About SRP International

  • SRP international is a company that works with individuals and organizations through the lens of othering.
  • I work primarily with companies that are interested in a new approach to the conversation around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

03:24- Inequity challenges being faced by women and minority leaders in the world

  • There’s the pay inequity.
  • There’s that ceiling that specifically women and also people of marginalized communities are having difficulty attaining the higher levels.
  • When we begin to look at organizations, we start to move up to the highest realms of those organizations, we begin to see the lack of diversity as we get into the C-Suites.

13:38- How does culture impact DEI?

  • We were all born little baby humans, and then we had these people who were raising us.
  • They were getting us ready for what they felt we needed to navigate this world.
  • You continue with these belief systems, some of them that you’re not even aware are there, that’s until we disrupt and learn to mitigate a natural inclination.


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Sonja Pemberton is a captivating speaker, transformational catalyst, and inclusion strategist. She was recently named one of the motivational speakers to watch in 2022.  Sonja has been interviewed by numerous podcasts and has had several magazines features.

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