Dr. JJ Peterson, Head, StoryBrand


Effective communication forms the base of every business organization, new or old, big or small. It can positively change the attitudes and behavior of the employees and other stakeholders. However, inefficient communication can lead to unwanted outcomes as the employees, if not understood well, may not perform efficiently. The stakeholders might lose trust, and everything might come crumbling down.

In today’s episode of TBCY, we have with us Dr. JJ Peterson, Head, StoryBrand, which is involved in aiding the businesses by preparing strategic communication plans, tools, and measures.

00:34- About JJ Peterson

  • Dr. JJ Peterson is the Head of the StoryBrand.
  • He has spent the last 20 years practicing and teaching communication theory.

02:52- About StoryBrand

  • Many companies are so close to their product or service that they struggle to explain it.
  • The story is a big buzzword in marketing, but people are telling the wrong story.
  • At StoryBrand, we teach companies that when you are telling your story and marketing, what you should be doing is not actually telling your story, you should be telling your customer’s story.
  • Companies should position their customers as heroes of the story.

04:40- Why is effective communication essential?

  • It really comes down to inspiring and motivating people.
  • If you want to move people, change their hearts or mind, and actions, the best way to do it is through a story.
  • In order to tell a good story, you need to be a good communicator.
  • The story is formulaic and when you understand the formula of the story, you tap into how the human brain works, and it actually can motivate people to action.

07:12- Key challenges we face in communication and public speaking

  • The biggest challenge that a lot of people feel in communication is insecurity.
  • We try to be more aggressive, impressive, or entertaining and this can sometimes get in the way of communication.


You can connect with Dr. JJ Peterson- LinkedIn

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  • Dr. JJ Peterson is the Head of the StoryBrand.
  • He has spent the last 20 years practicing and teaching communication theory.

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