Ekaterina Walter, WSJ Bestselling Author, Speaker, Marketing Innovator

Ekaterina Walter, WSJ Bestselling Author, Speaker, Marketing Innovator

Ekaterina Walter is the Senior Director, Marketing of ZincFive, Inc. Ekaterina Walter is a globally recognized business and marketing innovator, international speaker, and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Think Like Zuck (2013).



With social media gaining a larger part of our lives, businesses have resorted to them for marketing their brands. A business branch, which was earlier seldom seen to be a cost, is now an investment, trying to gain maximum eyeballs and attraction to a brand for its success.

But with the advent of technology in every field, the crux of a process remains the same. What is marketing? Why is it important? How to approach it? We have all your questions answered in our conversation with a leading marketing specialist, Ekaterina Walter.

[00:33] About Ekaterina Walter, WSJ Bestselling Author, Speaker, Marketing Innovator

[01:08] Work of Ekaterina Walter

I basically tell people that I’m a marketer, but there are a lot of different angles of marketing, and I tried them all. I’m super passionate about, storytelling.

[02:16] How has branding and communication changed over the years?

  • It used to be all about one-way broadcast, and now it’s all about building communities.
  • It moved away from broadcasting to creating experiences, whether it’s customer experiences or employee experiences.

[03:45] What goes into building a successful brand?

  • It is harder now to maintain a successful brand and the reality is that there are more expectations of us as companies, brands, not just our products.
  • We’re now working at the age where you have to stand for something.

[06:13] What makes a brand successful and relevant?

  • A brand is the sum of all interactions real and perceived that a person has with the company across all touchpoints.
  • If you stay true to who you are, your mission, and everything that you do, you have a chance to build on it.
  • Your brand is not what you say, it’s what they say.
  • Brand storytelling is the art of shaping a company’s identity through the use of narratives and storytelling techniques that facilitate an emotional response and establish meaningful connections.

[08:22] How do brands stay relevant in a digital world?

  • We live in an age of publicity. It becomes important how you tell your story.
  • In the age of publicity, visual storytelling has emerged as a very powerful strategy.
  • This helps marketers and brands to stand above the noise.
  • Stop selling, provide value, and as people start trusting you, they will buy from you.

[11:56] How are people learning to say something more relevant in a shorter time?

You got to be an artist, to rethink creatively in order to grab the attention of your audience.

Brands are opening doors for their employees to advocate.

[15:59] Communicating in 7 seconds

You grab attention with a spark of content that’s relevant to you and aligns with your values and brand.


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Ekaterina Walter is a globally recognized business and marketing innovator, international speaker, and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Think Like Zuck (2013) and coauthor of The Power of Visual Storytelling (2015) and The Laws of Brand Storytelling (2018).

After pioneering social media and digital marketing strategies for Fortune 500 brands such as Intel and Accenture, she co-founded a start-up that was acquired by Sprinklr, a customer experience management platform, where she served as Global Evangelist. She now helps global organizations build customer-centric digital transformation strategies.

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