Bryan Se To, Founder and CEO, Lexly Health


At 24 years old, Bryan Se To’s chiropractor told him he has a body of a 40-year-old. He has been experiencing lower back pain and numbness in his fingers despite being in his 20s. However, this is not just the case with Bryan. We all witness such issues with our current lifestyle and routine.

THE BRAND CALLED YOU invited Bryan, the Founder of Lexly Health, to his journey of recovering from back pain and helping others improve their lifestyle. He oversees technology and business development and handles product discovery, delivery and business strategy. Before focusing on Lexly full-time, he was a tech consultant at Accenture and attributed his working experience to developing his passion for product delivery and discovery.

Lexly Health uses AI motion-tracking technology to treat musculoskeletal Pain. Manage your Pain with quick and simple exercises every day.

[0:40] – About Bryan Se To

  • Bryan Se To is founder & CEO of Lexly Health
  • Creating a pain-relief space to solve body problems related to back, neck or shoulder pain.

[03:46] – Tell Me About Lexly Health & What are some of the identities you have worked on?

  • Lexly provides back reduction using AI.
  • We have curated a Physiotherapy program and provide health on your smartphone.
  • Our goal is to digitalize the wellness industry and effectively recommend users to the most suitable practitioner for their body pains

[13:05] – Is it an ongoing treatment, or do they have to visit your centres?

  • Lexly provides treatment with mobilising app for now
  • We have centres with types of machinery to help patients’ recovery.

[21:00]- What three lessons do you want our viewers & listeners to take away from your journey?

  • Move more but start easy.
  • Take a break when you are stressed.
  • Incorporate this into one’s own lifestyle.


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  • Bryan Se To is founder & CEO of Lexly Health
  • Creating a pain-relief space to solve body problems related to back, neck or shoulder pain.

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