Dr. Pallavi Mody, Founder, SVA Finance

Dr. Pallavi Mody, Founder, SVA Finance

  • She is the founder of SVA finance.
  • She is a professor and economist, writer, and speaker.




Personal finance encompasses the whole universe of managing individual and family finances, taking responsibility for your current and future financial situation, and setting financial goals. It also includes handling individual financial tasks and saving for emergencies. It requires the person to take charge and make sure his or her interests are prioritised.

In today’s episode of The Brand Called You, Dr Pallavi Mody talks about finance. She also touches upon her experience working as a professor. She also talks about the books she has written and the principles she follows in her own life.

[00:35] – About Pallavi Mody

  • She is the founder of SVA finance.
  • She is a professor and economist, writer, and speaker.
  • She is the author of the book titled Equity: The Next Investment Destination.

05:38-Tell me about SVA. What does SVA stand for? And how are you helping people to answer age-old questions?

  •  SVA in the Indian language Sanskrit, or Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi means your own self
  • What I mean to do with this word in finance is be the person at the center, in the driving seat.
  • I feel when it comes to money management, educated you may be exporting your own field, being a doctor, engineer, or architect.
  • But when the question of money management comes, you feel that you are ill-equipped to handle your money.
  • There is a kind of myth that we go to the doctor for our physical health, and we must go to the financial consultant for our financial well-being. Well, I beg to differ here.
  •  And what has happened is there has been confusion, a lot of noise, and a lot of differing opinions about money management. And at the end of that, an individual who wants to live a simple, comfortable, secure life is confused.
  • So this is my motivation for starting SVA Finance.

07:33- How do I know I am financially secure?

  • At all ages, we try to have a kind of inner inadequacy.
  • When we are young, we feel whether we have enough money, whether we are saving enough for our children’s education, retirement, and so on.
  • That’s how we put our life on hold.
  • When we are old, we are worried whether our money will last us.
  • So this is an age-old complex with which we live.
  • In order to address that, what I have done at SVA Finance is I have developed two very simple tools.
  • These two tools give you awareness, the awareness about your financial position, at a point in time, maybe on a daily basis, maybe on a quarterly basis.

16:50-What are some key asset classes?

  • I am dividing them into two categories. So physical assets and financial assets.
  • So in physical assets, I’m looking at two important asset classes, number one being, property and number two being, gold.
  •  Now, property investment has been the number one asset class all over the world that people invest in.
  • Number two is gold. Well, over the last 30-40 years, there have been periods where the opinion has been that gold is not a good asset class and the returns are not so great.
  • I come to the financial assets and divide them once again between two: the debt and the equity.
  • The debt would mean there is a fixed maturity period as well as a fixed interest, there are no risks, very comfortable and very secure, but it has less return
  • So, the second option is the variable income option or to talk in colloquial language equity. Equity investment I believe beats inflation.


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  • She is the founder of SVA finance.
  • She is a professor and economist, writer, and speaker.
  • She is the author of the book titled Equity: The Next Investment Destination.

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