Aditya Gupta, Owner of The Rug Republic, Owner of Sharda Exports & Owner of The Furniture Republic

Aditya Gupta is Managing Partner- GEMs an early stage, sector agnostic Micro VC fund.   



“Life is organic. Life is not linear. Life evolves”

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us, Aditya Gupta. A professional from the field of business and manufacturing. Aditya is the Founder and Owner of The Rug Republic, Sharda Exports, and The Furniture Republic. 

In 2019, Aditya who was then 50 years old, scaled Mount Everest!

In this interview with Ashutosh Garg, Aditya shares his professional journey and success story. He begins by talking about the three key milestones of his life and career. Aditya is a very experienced individual from the entrepreneurial sector. Having owned three businesses, Aditya shares some very interesting business tips and relates them to his own journey and experience. He shares the key challenges and learnings he gained from his many years in the business. He mentions how he changed his branding and distribution game and replicated it to his many businesses.

“Sales come from creativity and liability”

Talking about his adventurous side, he shares his journey of scaling Mount Everest and the preparations it requires to take up these challenges.

Aditya’s opinions and very insightful. And his outlook towards life is commendable.


Aditya Gupta, Managing Partner- GEMs an early stage, sector agnostic Micro VC fund. Aditya is responsible for driving growth along with strategy, investment planning and mentoring for the fund since its inception in October 2015. He is a seasoned professional entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in building successful organisations in the IT and services industry.  Holding a wide range of leadership positions, Aditya’s vision encompasses supporting and scaling technology leveraged, disruptive and innovative startups. Achieving this requires commitment & involvement. Aditya’s experience led him to invest, mentor and provide support to these emerging businesses. Aditya started his career with International Computers Ltd. (ICL UK) and in his span of 15 years with them, held various leadership roles across geographies including London (Management Accountant), Singapore (Financial Controller), UAE (Regional Financial Controller Middle East) and India (Country Head Liaison Office). His experience was instrumental in synergizing capabilities across all functions to significantly improve cost and operational efficiencies.

Aditya is one of the forerunners in the Indian BPO space, having set up InfoVision – one of the largest Domestic BPO business with an International footprint, way back in 1991. His successful leadership grew InfoVision to over 10,000 employees with offices in 23 cities and a customer base from New Zealand to the United States by 2008. InfoVision was sold to Serco, a British multinational company in December 2008. Aditya held many ledaership roles at Serco including Chairman & CEO, South Asia, Board Member for 4 international Serco subsidiaries and a Member of Serco’s Global Management Board.  Currently holding Chairmanship & Directorship in various companies, Aditya not only counsels on their strategic growth, but has been an Angel Investor and mentor to several other companies since 2012.  An ardent speaker, Aditya has been an active member of influential forums such as the CII, TAAI, Avaya Global Connect, Pierz International, a jury member & speaker for Business World and educational institutes like Infinity Business School, Institute of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Personal Development, all aimed at fostering business and entrepreneurial culture in the country. Apart from his obvious interest in his work, he has a keen interest in Golf and Bridge. Born in London, Aditya is married and has two children, both live in New York and work in the financial sector

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