Adwitiya Mal, CEO, and Co-Founder, EM3 Agriservices Pvt. Ltd.

Adwitiya is also the co-founder of, a technology platform involved in the fight against COVID-19 by helping critical patients find plasma donors.



India is a country of small farmers with almost 90% of its farming population as small farmers. These farmers hardly ever get enough profits to buy high-cost farming equipment for better produce which makes them rely on borrowed money. Hence, Indian farmers are perpetually in a vicious cycle of debt, sometimes, for generations. Adwitiya Mal, a graduate from Delhi University and post-graduate from the University of Rochester, has found a way to resolve this issue for our farmers. 

His company EM3 AgriServices is the “uber equivalent of agriculture.” It provides farmers with the necessary equipment on a pay-for-use basis and helps them grow holistically through the help of technology. In a country where 70% of its population is in agriculture, Adwitiya wishes to promote small farmers so that they can have a profitable farming business. In the interview, he talks about the issues small farmers face in India and how technology is helping them tackle those problems. He talks about filling the information gap and educating the farmers through the medium of technology to grow what is required instead of what has been done in the past.

Also the co-founder of an online initiative, Adwitiya shares how he has helped critical covid19 patients find plasma for their treatment. has helped more than 6000 people around the country to find plasma for their treatment and has been backed by organizations like Amazon and Facebook on their wonderful initiative.

Tune in and learn more about the work Adwitiya is doing!


Adwitiya Mal is CEO and Co-founder of EM3 Agriservices Pvt. Ltd. 

He holds a Bachelors’s (with Honours) Degree in Economics from Delhi University and completed his MBA at the Simon School of Business, University of Rochester. He started his career with ICICI Prudential, a leading private insurance company in India. Following his MBA, he moved to Hong Kong where he was the Strategy Manager at AXA Insurance’s Asia Headquarters and was responsible for developing corporate strategy for the group’s 19 businesses across 10 countries in Asia. The desire to do something large and impactful in India brought Adwitiya back to co-found EM3 AgriServices. He is a Barclays Unreasonable Fellow and was a part of the 2019 Asia Pacific cohort.

Adwitiya is also the co-founder of, a technology platform involved in the fight against COVID-19 by helping critical patients find plasma donors

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