Andrew Funk, Founding President, Homeless Entrepreneur

Andrew Funk, Founding President, Homeless Entrepreneur

Andrew Funk, Founding President, Homeless Entrepreneur

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota (US) in 1981 and graduated one year early with a BA in English Literature and a minor in economics at Arizona State University.



The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome entrepreneur from Spain, Andrew Funk on the podcast today. Andrew is the Founding President of Homeless Entrepreneur. He is a social impact activist for homeless people.

In this very insightful interview, Andrew talks about the issue of homelessness and his effort of providing the right solutions. Having faced a major problem in his entrepreneurial journey himself, Andrew started finding the right solutions for homelessness and homeless people. His goal was to help homeless people pivot back into their lives with the right resources and networks.

 His venture Homeless Entrepreneur is a change-driven organization that works towards supporting people to overcome homelessness. The organization has four main programs- a homeless helpline, audiovisual program, health program and a launchpad housing program. 

Andrew talks about the many issues homeless people face. He categorizes homelessness into certain parts and explains each proficiently. He also throws light on a very enunciated and promising plan of action. Andrew believes that the pandemic has led to a lot of people losing their jobs and causing homeless and financially poor situations. He talks about the use of blockchain technology and how it is helping his organization.

Andrew has helped more than 295 people improve their lives and he is determined to help a lot more!

A person persistent in bringing about change, Andrew’s effort has led to many people gain a fresh start to their lives. Tune in to know more about his incredible work.


President, #HomelessEntrepreneur (#HE)

Andrew leads a lean startup called #HomelessEntrepreneur that empowers homeless people by providing them with tools, resources, network, unconditional love and a holistic program.

#HomelessEntrepreneur is inclusive and fosters economic empowerment to end homelessness for those willing and able to participate. By leveraging technology, #HomelessEntrepreneurs are able to become active citizens again by developing their professional skills on a job creation platform, which is backed by blockchain technology that provides greater credibility and traceability, and ultimately creates a sustainable community that grows organically.  

A Smart City without homeless people is a Smarter City.

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