Atul Satija, Founder & CEO, The Nudge Foundation and Founder 2 0 & CEO, GiveIndia

Anuradha Kapoor, Founder & Director, Swayam

Anuradha Kapoor is the Founder and Director of Swayam, a feminist organization committed to advancing women’s rights and ending gender inequality and violence against women, established in May 1995. 



In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a conversation with Atul Satija, Founder and CEO- The/Nudge Foundation and CEO- GiveIndia. Atul is an alumnus of Indian School of Business. He has worked with Google, Adobe, Samsung, and Infosys.

Atul talks about the three key milestones in his life. He shares his motivation behind becoming a social-entrepreneur. He talks about the mission of The/Nudge- poverty alleviation.  He elucidates the concept of instilling entrepreneurial spark among the poor.

Atul states how a larger community in India could get introduced to the practice of donating. He talks about spending time and resources for charity. He shares the values of The/Nudge Foundation. He elaborates on the work done by GiveIndia. He talks about the unheard facts related to donations in India. Atul defines success in a very unique way. Before concluding, he talks about his biggest learning from his biggest mistake.

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Atul is the Founder & CEO of The/Nudge Foundation. After 17 years of starting, scaling and turning around various businesses in some of the largest and most respected organisations globally, he decided to start The/Nudge Foundation to fulfill his passion of working on inequality and social issues facing India. Atul is now serving both The/Nudge and GiveIndia as their CEO. Atul was previously responsible for global sales, marketing, business-development and operations of InMobi, as its global Chief Business Officer.

Over his 5-year stint at InMobi, Atul helped scale the organisation from a small start-up to a global leader in mobile advertising, with operations in 20+ countries. Atul also served on the Board of Mobile Marketing Association. Prior to InMobi, Atul was the Head of Mobile Business for Japan & Asia-Pacific at Google. Atul has also done various general management, business development and sales roles across telecom and technology companies including Adobe, Samsung and Infosys. Atul also served EndPoverty, another non-profit as Chairperson for two years, working on various poverty related issues including water, sanitation, education, skill-development, sustainability and women empowerment, and continues to serve as their Board Member. Atul has been named in the #40underForty list by The Economic Times in 2017. Atul holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Indian School of Business and B-Tech from National Institute of Technology.

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