“A conditioned mind is a useless mind” – Atul Sinha

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in an insightful conversation with Atul Sinha, Former VP, BD- Britannia Industries. Atul is an alumnus of XLRI and a yoga enthusiast.

The highly successful corporate veteran shares his experiences working with Voltas, Cadbury, Britannia, and Colgate. He talks about his interest in Vedic studies and Yoga. He shares his experience pursuing a Ph.D. in Yoga at this point in life. He talks about his early life and career and how he felt having fifty people reporting to him at the age of 24.

Atul shares the three key milestones of his life. He proceeds to share the three pillars of building a brand. He then talks about Vedas, Upanishads, religion, and history. He explains how to classify people into two based on the attainment of spiritual understanding. He discusses the relevance of teaching the ancient scriptures to the younger generation. He emphasizes the importance of character education and the possibilities of incorporating Yoga in the curriculum.

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