Pradip Baijal, Former Chm. TRAI & Author, Containing the China Onslaught

Pradip Baijal is an IAS officer who retired as the Chief of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.



“In China no one has power. All the power resides with the politburo”- Pradip Baijal

In the second part of Ashutosh Garg’s conversation with Pradip Baijal, Former Chairman- TRAI, and the author of ‘Containing the China Onslaught’, Pradip shares his insights about the growth of China over time. 

Pradip talks about the role of Denk in the building of modern China. He meticulously analyzes the cheque-book diplomacy of China. He discusses the Confucian philosophy and the 36 stratagems and the influence of these philosophies in Chinese diplomacy.

“In China, a person is revered if he’s an expansionist”- says Pradip. He analyzes the Chinese philosophy of expansionism. He tells what China thinks about India, talks about the similarities in the ideologies of Russia and China, foresees the motives of the ongoing Chinese strategies, and shares his opinions about the China-Pakistan economic corridor.


Pradip Baijal is an IAS officer who retired as the Chief of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. He has held several administrative offices in the Ministry of Finance and Industries at the state level. However, he is most famous for his role as the Disinvestment secretary in 1999. He was involved in the disinvestment of various Government Companies such as BP, VSNL, Maruti etc. He is credited for the sale of Maruti which resulted in a Rs. 1000 crore control premium for the Government. 

Baijal, in his timely book ‘Containing the China Onslaught’, uncovers various truths about China and its efforts at global dominance. He stresses on the importance of incumbent countries putting up a united front against China. 

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