Bob Hetzel, Legendary Educational Administrator

Bob Hetzel

Bob Hetzel, Legendary Educational Administrator

Bob Hetzel, Ex-Director of American Embassy School is a legendary educator and a person extraordinaire. Having been described by his peers and employees as one of the best men they know, he talks to us about what it is that makes him tick with people. 



Bob Hetzel is one of those few people who leave an indelible mark on others with their kindness and inclusivity. Having started his journey as a teacher, he went on to become the Director at American Embassy School which is consistently ranked amongst the top three international schools in the world. 

Hailing from a humble background, his father asked him for two things – one, to always be a gentleman, and two, for him to work at a job that required him to wear a white shirt and a tie. For Bob, education was the route to that.

He talks to us about AES, his exceptional people skills and making people feel ‘ten feet tall’.


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