Ashwini Gupta, Chairman Corridor Platforms

On today’s episode, we have with us Mr. Ashwini Gupta. Mr. Gupta is a very senior professional from the Management field. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and has finished his MBA from Columbia. He was the chairman of Global Credit Risk and Management at American Express for 41 years. He is currently the Chairman of Corridor Platforms. And has been the board member of several cutting edge firms like Nova Credit Encore Capital, exus Venture Capital, h20, Oliver Wyman and buzz2credit. 

Having worked at American Express for 500 months, Mr. Gupta said that it was the challenge to perform and the desire to learn daily, that kept him going. Talking about credit worthiness, Mr. Gupta believes it’s much more than the financials that you secure in your time at work. It’s the connections you build with people and the things you learn that are more important. Mr. Gupta believes that millennials should avoid jumping from one company to another and try staying at a firm long enough to gain as much as they can. He appreciates the young generation and wants to see them drive the system ahead. He also throws light in time management and believes that everything can be done if time is managed well. 

Talking about mentoring young children, Mr. Gupta mentioned that he does it for the delight of seeing the kids grow into better people. He learns from them everyday. 

A very experienced and reliable personality, Mr. Gupta is giving back to the world in his own great ways!


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