Chester Elton, Co-founder of The Culture Works and Author, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker

“It’s a lot harder to change perception that it is behavior”- Chester Elton

Today on our podcast, we are pleased to have a renowned author, business coach, keynote speaker and leadership guru, Chester Elton in an inspirational dialogue with our host Ashutosh Garg. Chester is the co-founder of an employee engagement and leadership training company called The Culture Works, he’s co-authored many books, some of which are, “Leading with Gratitude” and “The Carrot Principle”. He’s also a motivational speaker and he’s here to share his insights on Leadership and coaching with us. In the interview, Chester talks about the relevance of coaching in today’s world and how it has grown popular in the recent years. He tells us why business coaching is as important as coaching in any other domain in life and compares business coaching with sports coaching to convey its importance. He then talks about his organisation ‘The Culture Works’ and tells us how they help businesses to grow by mixing the passion with expertise and creating meaningful work that is productive and successful. The Culture Works assess the datas of many companies and see the trends and use it to multiply the growth of the businesses.  A firm believer of doing the right thing, Chester shares his own values with us, i.e. Faith Family and Friends. An inspired leader and a grateful human being, tune in to listen to his story!

Chester Elton, Co-founder of The Culture Works and Author, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker


Elton is co-founder of The Culture Works, a global training company, and author of multiple award winning, #1 New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, All In, The Carrot Principle and Leading with Gratitude. His books have been translated into 30 languages and have sold more than 1.5 million copies. He has been called “fascinating” by Fortune and “creative and refreshing” by The New York Times. Elton has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, CBS 60 Minutes, and is often quoted in Fast Company, Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal. 

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