Dr Kiran Modi, Honorary Managing Trustee, Udayan Care

Dr. Kiran Modi, Founder Managing Trustee, Udayan Care talks to us about Udayan and its differentiators. She explains how nothing seems like a challenge if you have passion, compassion and determination.

A doctorate  in American Literature from IIT, Delhi, Dr. Kiran Modi is  a person of varied experience  in several  fields, including the media and children’s theatre and has  also been  a  founding  member  of several  trusts,  working  for the disadvantaged.  

She is strongly committed to Udayan and creating a difference through the life of its children, well into adulthood. 

“We have not altered anyone’s lives. They have altered ours.” – Humble and driven, she talks to us about the scope of Udayan’s work and being lifetime mentor parents.


A doctorate in American Literature from IIT, Delhi, Dr. Kiran Modi is a person of
varied experience in several fields, including the media and children’s theatre and has also been a founding member of several trusts, working for the disadvantaged. She had previously launched Delhi’s first community tabloid, Neighbourhood Star in 1984 and ran it for about twelve years. Dr. Kiran Modi founded Udayan Care in 1994, a Trust for disadvantaged children and women; with the flagship programme being Udayan Ghars (Sunshine Family Homes) for orphaned and abandoned children, with a strong belief that every child should be in a family environment and must get all one’s rights as a child. . These rights must be served even after one attains adulthood, in aftercare services, till fully reintegrated into society. Currently, 17 Children’s Homes and 2 Aftercare Programmes, covering more than 250 children and youth, are being run, for long-term children, as well as for about 100 short-term children and youth every year. Udayan Shalini Fellowship, another flagship programme, reflects the belief of Udayan Care in gender equality and women’s empowerment, as thousands of girls are getting empowered by higher education and economic empowerment. More than 7500 girls from across India are benefitting under the programme and getting graduated in their choice of subjects and are getting employment and economic empowerment. Udayan Care Information Technology and Vocational training centres, similarly, empower underserved communities by training them in digital literacy and vocational training and make
them job worthy and empowered. Running 17 centres across Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region) and Uttarakhand, these centres are empowering more
than 2000 youth every year.

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