George Abraham, Social Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker and a Disability Activist

“If you are able to align your profession with passion, I think you are a fortunate person.”- George Abraham

In this episode of The Brand Called You, we have an inspiring personality as our guest, George Abraham in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. George is a social entrepreneur, an inspirational speaker and a disability activist. He lost his sight at the age of ten, and he’s dedicated all his life trying to bring awareness amongst the people for the blind. George tells us that even though an impairment, there is so much a person with blindness can do and he is a living proof of that. He illuminates us on the common causes for visual impairment in India, he informs us that untreated cataract is the most common cause, which happens because of the lack of medical unavailability. A cricket fan from his childhood, George always wanted to play in the field, he was inspired enough to make this possible for him and other blind people by founding World Blind Cricket Council in the year 1996, which regulates international level blind cricket in India. George also had a stint in writing for a TV Show which was created to promote awareness and sensitize the people and to normalise blind lifestyle, it is called ‘Nazar ya Nazariya’ and is available on YouTube. Tune in to find more about him!

George Abraham, Social Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker and a Disability Activist


Born in London on 31 October, 1958, George Abraham is a Social Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker and a Disability Activist. He  has been visually impaired since the age of 10 months thanks to a near fatal  attack of meningitis. He Post Graduated in Operations Research and Graduated in Mathematics from St Stephen’s College, Delhi University. He completed his schooling from Kendriya Bidyalaya Hubli. He started his career in Advertising in 1982 working with Advertising & Sales Promotion Co and Ogilvy Benson & Mather. His professional life took a sharp turn when he visited a school for the blind in 1988. He launched cricket for the blind in India in 1990. Setup the World Blind Cricket Council and was elected as its Founding Chairman in 1996. He conceived and organized the inaugural World Cup of Cricket for the blind in 1998 at New Delhi.  Responding to the realization that “Blindness was not the real problem but the mindset was”, George setup Score Foundation and launched Project Eyeway, a single stop knowledge resource on living a life with blindness. Eyeway shares information,  connects people with resources and helps fight discrimination.  In 2013, he conceived and produced a 13 part TV serial-“Nazar Ya Nazariya” featuring Naseerudding Shah and Harsh Chchaya as anchors. The serial which had over 39 case stories was about possibilities and potential.

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