Pawan Gupta, Founding Director, SIDH

Today we are joined by an extremely experienced personality Mr. Pawan Gupta. Mr. Gupta is an IITian from Delhi. He has authored five books and has also studied Human Psychology. 

After finishing his graduate studies, he made a decision to go into the mountains for Vipassana and to thoroughly study Buddhism. Mr. Gupta believes  that English education has created a gap between our connection with traditional learning. He has over thirty years of experience in the area of education. His journey has been supremely inspired by Hinduism and Buddhist and Gandhian teachings. He takes workshops displaying the traditional methods of learning and helps out students mainly from the rural and mountain regions. 

Mr. Garg and Mr. Gupta discussed the meaning of education from a traditional point of view. They also discussed the various ways in which education is delivered in the modern day. Mr Gupta has taught a huge number of students and now has built 35 centres of education. 

He is reacquainting the traditional methods of learning and propagating the simplicity of Buddhism.

“Mai jaisa hu, vaisa dikhu”

Mr. Gupta believes he’s on a journey and there is still a lot of road to cover. 


Pawan Kumar Gupta is the founding director of SIDH, an educational institute. He is an educator, writer, public intellectual and speaker. He is deeply interested in exploring traditional knowledge systems, modernity and Indian ness.





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