Ved Mitra Arya, Founder SRIJAN, SIDS and Buddha Fellowship Program

Mr. Garg is joined by Social Entrepreneur, Ved Mitra Arya on today’s episode. Mr. Arya is an extremely hard working personality. He is an IIT Kanpur and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus. He is currently the Founder of Srijan and Buddha Fellowship Program. Srijan is an initiative that has a mandate to help out and improve the income status of 95000 rural families across six states. On the other hand, the Buddha Fellowship Program works towards grooming one thousand Developmental Entrepreneurs. Mr. Arya throws light upon the meaning of development entrepreneurs. He framed it as helping out the poor without repeating doses of Capital. And the prices of setting up a sustainable value chain for the benefit of the people. He also explained the connection of the name Buddha to Developmental Entrepreneurship. Mr. Arya also educated us about his recent venture for rapid rural community response  in the Covid-19 situation. Which has brought together 65 organizations and raised about 1300 crores for this cause. Talking about millennials, he mentioned that the generation is more inclined towards risk taking and working socially. Having spent most of his career with fishermen and tribals, Mr. Arya has touched and bettered the lives of one thousand families!


Ved is a serial social entrepreneur. He has founded SRIJAN, SIDS and Buddha  Fellowship Program. Ved is Hubert Humphrey Fellow (1990-91), United Nations Environment Program Fellow (1991), Ashoka Fellow (2008) and Aspire Fellow (2015).

Membership in Policy Making Bodies
– Member, Advisory Committee, Promotion of Producers’ Enterprises, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India 2017 – ongoing.
– Member, Steering Committee on Rural Development and Rural Governance, Planning Commission (January 2011 – March 2012).
– Member, Working Group to the National Advisory Council (Chaired by Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, UPA Chairperson), September 2012-July 2013.

Membership, Selection Committees
– Chairman, National Selection Committee, Hubert Humphrey North South Fellowship, 2016.
– Member, National Selection Committee, Ford Foundation International Fellowship (2010)
– Member, National Selection Committee, Ashoka Fellowship (2011, 2012) Board Membership, Academic Institutions and Non-Governmental Organisations.

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