Sanchita Mukherji, Co-Founder, Blue Edge Multi-Family Investment Office (MFD)

“If money was the focus, Mr. Ambani would not come to work every day. The entrepreneurship spirit in India is intact.”- Sanchita Mukherji

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a conversation with Sanchita Mukherji, Co-Founder- Blue Edge Multi Family Investment Office. Sanchita is a senior banker turned entrepreneur. She was recognized as one among the top 100 women in finance in India. She is a certified scuba diver.

Sanchita shares the three key milestones in her life. She explains why she transitioned from a prestigious banking career to entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur tells what made her quit her job and take greater risks.

Sanchita talks about Blue Edge, India’s first Multi Family Investment Office.  She explains the concept, working, and methodologies.

In the section that follows, Sanchita talks about the different types of mutual funds and investments. She makes the key differences between equities and mutual funds clear once and for all. She analyzes the risks and benefits associated with equity and mutual funds. She shares her opinion about how pragmatic is it to invest in jewels, art, and real estate. She later talks about the banking sector boom in India.

Sanchita analyzes how the millennials and Gen-Z are changing the investment business. She gives her definition of success from a unique perspective. The illustrious entrepreneur shares where she draws inspiration from.

Sanchita Mukherji, Co-Founder, Blue Edge Multi-Family Investment Office (MFD)



Senior Private Banker turned entrepreneur having 20 years of experience in Private Banking with banks such as HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and HDFC Bank. A Senior Vice President with HSBC Private Banking, Sanchita co-founded Blue Edge along with the top team in HSBC Private Banking in 2015. Blue Edge is essentially an India focused Multi Family Investment Office, Blue Edge is an ‘execution’ platform only that deals in execution and distribution of mutual fund products, consulting on various corporate banking and business requirements for its clients, sourcing merger and acquisition transactions etc. Blue Edge team works alongside the respective family to assist them in achieving their core objectives by providing a robust investment execution architecture. Blue Edge is an AMFI registered Mutual Fund Distributor (MFD) An entrepreneur at heart who learnt the ropes of the financial industry from a career spanning over two decades in a variety of roles across both domestic and multinational banks, she is passionate about capital markets and investments with a clear view of applying theories and achieving results in the real world.
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One of the core strengths that she developed over the years, was client relationship management as she hand held clients through turning points in their lives. Understanding of the other aspects of financial well being also, has helped her guide her clients in managing their overall needs by channelising the usage of the “best in class” institution to address “a” specific need. Never shy off sharing her learnings with the world she regularly participates as a panelist in various media channels, both financial and general (NDTV, ETNow, BBC etc.),  as well in various intelligentsia forums of organisations like ISB, DMA, FICCI etc. She has been recognised as one of the ‘Entrepreneurs of the Year 2020″ by CEO Insights, a notable business magazine and felicitated as a Leading Top 100 Women in Finance 2020 by AIWMI. The sheer drive to increase financial literacy and understanding has her regularly participating as presenter and panelist with learning facilitation and consulting organisations like White Ladder, WCRC, Open Brackets etc. She has also been actively involved in bringing philanthropy as a part of the formal financial goal for the wealthy of this nation. She is a proud mother of a 12 year old, is an avid reader, traveller, yoga and theatre enthusiast and a PADI certified scuba diver.






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