Saurabh Kochhar, Co-founder & CEO at Meddo and Co founder & Ex CEO, Foodpanda, India

“If your vision does not scare you, it’s not audacious enough” Today we are delighted to have with us the Co-Founder and CEO of Meddo, The Ex CEO of Foodpanda, Mr. Saurabh Kochhar. After finishing his education, Mr.Kochhar started out with good exposure and big companies like McKinsey and Printvenue.  He currently handles Meddo, a private end to end clinic chain. At Meddo, he works towards establishing an out-patient care space organisation. His plan is to change the distributed markets and bring together all multiple existing players of the market under one single layer. This is to provide insurance, healthcare and subscriptions all under one package. Mr. Garg and Mr. Kochhar further engaged in an interesting conversation about hospital day care chains in India. The functions, declining levels, manpower, capital investment etc. Mr. Kochhar also throws light upon the handling of contracts and process of infrastructure for such clinics. In his opinion, the problem of Indian medical chains is twofold- the quality of care  and the timeliness of care. He firmly believes that for a startup it is important to have a co-founder or business partner. To help your vision grow, a confidante who will always have your back. A very modest man, Mr.Kochhar believes that there is still a lot to achieve and that his journey has just begun!

Saurabh Kochhar, Co-founder & CEO at Meddo and Co founder & Ex CEO, Foodpanda, India



Saurabh Kochhar is a serial entrepreneur and currently Co-founder & CEO at Meddo, India’s first end-to-end aggregated private clinic chain. 

Most recently, Saurabh was Co-founder & CEO at Foodpanda India, India’s pioneer food ordering & delivery app. Saurabh grew the company to GMV run rate of ~ $100mn and operational profitability in a highly competitive environment; and ultimately led the company to an exit in a $250mn deal; amongst the top 10 startup M&A exits in India till the time. At its peak, Saurabh was leading a delivery fleet of over 10,000 delivery personnel across top 10 cities; catering to ~20K restaurants and millions of customers every month. 

Saurabh embarked upon his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2012 with; India’s largest printing and customization portal. Prior to co-founding, Saurabh worked with top global organisations such as McKinsey & Co and Oracle India. 

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