Dr. Rajat Mitra, Professor of Psychology & UN Public Service award Recipient

Today we have with us, a very accomplished psychologist Mr. Rajat Mitra

Dr. Misra has done his master’s in Clinical Psychology and PhD from Amity University. He is the author of the book Infidel Next Door.

Mr. Mitra’s empathy towards traumatized people made him choose this field. He believes that everybody who needs mental help should get it. In an articulate conversation with Mr. Garg, Mr. Mitra discussed the importance of mental health. They also talked about the symptoms and realisation of a mental illness. Dr. Mitra highlighted the stigma around the topic of mental health and how patients who need help avoid taking it because of this stigma. According to Dr. Mitra the coming out of various mental illness survivors and them talking about their psychological journey has led to the awareness of mental health problems. He spoke about two of his very challenging patients and how he helped them out of their problems. His support and counselling to  to a sexual assault survivor was supremely motivating. 

“Mental health is muti-disciplinary”

Dr. Rajat Mitra, Professor of Psychology & UN Public Service award Recipient



Did my masters in clinical psychology from Delhi University and then PhD in attachment theory from USA. Then did a course for world leaders working in mental health from Harvard University. Worked in different areas. First with a rehabilitation center for mentally ill young people for fourteen years. Work involved restoring them to normal life and getting them back to reality. It was followed by work in Delhi’s Tihar jail with violent offenders and doing grief work with prisoners that helped them to become calm and less violent. I worked with terrorists, sexual offenders and different issues that arose for the prisoners from time to time. It could be suicide, death sentence, or harsh sentence passed on to anyone. Worked with survivors and victims of heinous crimes and helped them to testify in courts, specially survivors of sexual assault. I also testified as a psychologist on a large number of issues from malingering to assault. It was followed by work with human rights defenders across Asia who were survivors of torture and atrocities and presenting their cases for justice. It involved providing them with psychological support.

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