Vijay Bhat, Founder, Cancer Awakens & Co-Author – “My Cancer Is ME’

“Cancer can be treated like a lifestyle disease.”- Vijay Bhat

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in an insightful conversation with Vijay Bhat, Founder – Cancer Awakens, and Co-Author – ‘My Cancer is Me”. Vijay, a cancer survivor, previously worked as a prominent advertising professional. 

Vijay shares the three key milestones in his life. He shares his experiences after getting diagnosed with cancer. He tells how he reacted to the illness in the primary days. Vijay talks about practicing a holistic and integrated approach to avoid recurrence. He emphasizes the importance of keeping the immune system in good condition.

Vijay tells what made him set up the organization ‘Cancer Awakens’. He shares his mission and aspirations. He talks about the significance of staying mentally strong during the battle against cancer. He cross analyzes the stigmas and taboos associated with cancer. The number of people affected by cancer has been rising steadily over the years. Vijay attempts to explain why this is happening. Later, he talks about the book he co-authored, ‘My Cancer is Me’. He shares his biggest learning from his biggest mistake in life.

Vijay Bhat, Founder, Cancer Awakens & Co-Author – “My Cancer Is ME’


Vijay calls himself a ‘cancer-thriver’ after facing colon cancer since 2001. He was diagnosed soon after turning 40. After successful surgery, he decided against chemotherapy and turned to a Holistic & Integrated approach to minimize his chances of a recurrence. 17 years later, he is still cancer-free, and a better person than before. “Cancer healed me” he says. Vijay pioneered Cancer Coaching in India and has trained/ certified 13 coaches (he calls them ‘Cancer Sherpas’) to deliver a structured ‘Thriver’ coaching program to individuals and families who face the daunting challenge of cancer . He is now  scaling up his organization ‘Cancer Awakens’ with the Vision: “Many millions must survive; One million must thrive”. He and his wife (Nilima) co-developed their unique Holistic & Integrative approach to cancer and shared it in their book ‘My Cancer Is Me: The Journey from Illness To Wholeness’, published by Hay House in 2013; a Spanish edition has also been published in 2016.

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