Gayatri Gandhi, Founder, Joy Factory

“I nourish to flourish and raise to praise”

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us a very accomplished entrepreneur and a professionally certified KonMari consultant, Ms. Gayatri Gandhi. Gayatri is the Founder of Joy Factory, a clutter management company. Her company helps individuals organise and establish a tidying process for their premises. She has worked with Discovery as a Manager for Factual Clutter which initially gave her the idea of staying up her own decluttering venture. The final and most important inspiration for her startup has been a very renowned book by Marie Kondo. In which she talks about the skills of decluttering and how it affects our lives. And to follow Marie’s path, Gayatri went to New York, trained under Marie Kondo herself and became India’s first KonMari consultant. Her company Joy Factory, offers the clients solutions based on the KonMari method. In this very interesting conversation, Gayatri explains who actually needs decluttering and how clearing up mess can have positive effects on one’s personal life. She talks about the attachment that Indians have with their items and why it’s difficult for us to let go of old items. Gayatri also throws light on a formula called C2S2 which is derived by her at Joy Factory and how it helps her clients. She explains the importance of reflecting gratitude towards used items and letting them go. And how mere gratitude can have various positive effects in personal life as well. Gayatri also talks about the importance of decluttering the mind. She is a strong believer of having the power to make a change and advises everyone else to have the same belief in themselves.  The satisfaction that she derives from helping others, is her definition of success!

Gayatri Gandhi, Founder, Joy Factory


Joy Factory is a one-of-its-kind professional Clutter Management Company in India helping individuals in organizing and establishing tidying processes for their premises. Founded in August 2017 by Gayatri Gandhi, Joy Factory offers decluttering and organizing solutions based on JF's own unique C2S2 (Collect, Choose, Scrap, Store) approach and the world-renowned KonMari Method™ of Decluttering & Organizing. The method encourages a way of life wherein one retains items that 'Spark Joy' and discard those that don't. JF is the first company in India to officially follow and offer The KonMari Method™ developed by tidying guru & lifestyle expert – Marie Kondo.  Joy Factory aims to make declutter a way of life thereby empowering every individual, family, corporate in India to become joyous and happy. By following a unique style of combining The KonMari Method™ with their own effective C2S2 approach, Joy Factory designs customized plans, hand-holds the client through their declutter journey and imparts training in innovative and effective techniques to keep the surroundings organized and tidy. Joy Factory initiates this meticulous journey by having a one-on-one dialogue and partnering with the client in a way that embraces their needs and requirements. At Joy Factory, they are committed to making the world clutter free.

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