V Ravichandar, Hon Director, Bangalore International Centre

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You, Mr. V Ravichandar, a #corporate #entrepreneur who is also passionate about #social work, enlightens the viewers with his incredibly commendable journey. His views are #hard work-oriented and he strongly believes in giving back to society and bringing #change.

“ A clean conscience is the lightest pillow” 

The Brand Called You welcomes Mr. V Ravichandar on the show today! Ravichandar is the Honorary Director of the Bangalore International Centre. He is the Non-Executive Chairman of Feedback Consulting Services Private Limited. He has transformed his work from the corporate sector to the social sector and continues to give back to society endlessly. In conversation with Ashutosh Garg, Ravichandar shares his story and the experiences he has gained on the way. He lists the three key milestones and the impact these milestones have had on his life. Being a corporate professional, Ravichandar always wanted to do his bit for the social sector. He started his own venture while also associating himself with a number of organizations to contribute to society. He believes that help can be given in several different ways and not just through donating money. He strongly believes that giving time and volunteering for NGOs and organizations is the biggest contribution one can make. Ashutosh and Ravichandar talk about the changes that the millennials and Gen Z have brought about in the social sector. Talking about the core values of his business and work, Ravichandar mentions that he holds authenticity at a very high pedestal. His work has impacted many lives and he considers his contributions as a way to gain experiences that one can cherish for a long time! 

V Ravichandar, Hon Director, Bangalore International Centre


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