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Bude Piccin & Savalaxs (Sara) Supa-Amornkul, Entrepreneurs

She has been interested in science and physics from a very young age which led her to pursue a career in computer engineering.
She is the Founder & CEO of Tastermonial where they are focused on finding better ways to be healthier.

Pradip Khandwalla | Former Director IIMA; Author, ‘Fast Forward toward Civilizational Greatness Agenda for India’

Professor Khandwalla is the former director of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
He has authored 16 professional books and over 100 papers.

Prof TV Rao | Chairman, TVRLS and Former Professor, IIMA

Professor Rao is the Chairman of TVRLS and the former Professor of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
He has been credited to have conceptualized and initiated the concept of human resources development.

Aliya Grig, Founder, Evolwe AI

She grew up in a family of astrophysicists which made her develop a passion for space exploration and creating a better future for humanity.
She is the founder of Evolwe AI, a tech company that created the first empathetic and conscious AI.