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It is stated that we ought to treat our planet like it is a loan we’ve taken from our future generations, however historically it’s proven that we’ve exploited our planet time and again, for our personal benefits. Our economy is fundamentally built on top of burning fossil fuels and gases, one of the primary factors contributing to global warming. 2021 recorded the second-highest percentage of carbon emissions in the history of humankind. (add link

Large corporations emerge as the most important contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Even though things are now improving in terms of cognizance, are we making any real-time progress towards making our planet a better place for our future generations? 

The Brand Called You features experts from the Environment sector who have been fighting to save our planet from the exploits of factories and other human activities. Let’s hear what the specialist has to say about corporations and the greenhouse emissions caused by them. 

Dr. Mukund has had a successful career of 23 years with Tata Agencies. He is now the Chairman of ECube Investment Advisors, a company that catalyzes Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) associated changes in Corporate India. 

How relevant is the ESG to the Corporate Sector?

Dr. Rajan informs us that environmental social governance is of extreme relevance to the business industry. Large and small companies emerge as massive contributors to greenhouse emissions in our country making India the third-largest producer of greenhouse gases after China and the USA. 

“The Indian corporate sector, I think, has a huge responsibility to play its part in trying to address some of the genesis of global warming and climate change, in particular, reducing its carbon emissions.” 

Dr. Rajan talks about the effect of mid and small agencies on our surroundings and the way they’ve emerged as our new big gamers in generating carbon emissions. We asked Mukund to share some insights into what can be done by these small companies to reduce carbon emissions:

The biggest challenge SMEs face in terms of climate change is the lack of enforcement of the law of the land, according to Dr. Mukund. He explains how lack of awareness about this causes people to act unwittingly. Another major challenge of SMEs is that they don’t have access to the necessary technology, the capital is often not made available to them, hence the environment is neglected. 

“The good news is that Covid has sort of opened everyone’s eyes in a sad way but it is true, that it has made people much more aware of the importance of having a balance in the way in which you address your economic growth while taking care of the natural environment.”

He shares some hard facts about how India is coping with the difficulty of global warming. We’re nonetheless in the talking phase of planning those problems, while evolved countries have had the opportunity to build attention about environmental troubles a great deal earlier than us. 

Companies that are thoughtful of the sustainability of their products and packaging are on the track of becoming a good enterprise to investors and buyers. There is a paradigm shift within the mindset of an average consumer, especially millennials, who are changing the environmental state of affairs by being acutely aware of the sustainability and the environmental effect of their activities.

It is a tested truth that businesses who are conscious about their social responsibility generally tend to earn greater profits. 

In the covid-period, we noticed that the organizations who were aware of people’s needs didn’t lose out on the profit. The profitability of businesses is basically dependent on their service to society in the modern world. Reducing their carbon footprint and encouraging sustainability is the need of the hour, a step every organization MUST take consciously. 

To know more about sustainability and corporate social responsibility, watch this video: 

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