Will Nitze, Founder and CEO, IQBAR, A Brain and Body Nutrition Company

Will Nitze, Founder and CEO, IQBAR, A Brain and Body Nutrition Company

Will Nitze, Founder, and CEO, IQBAR, A Brain and Body Nutrition Company

Will Nitze is the Founder & CEO of IQBAR, a Boston-based brain, and body nutrition company.



Nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected. We often talk about the intake of nutrition for our body, but we forget to understand the needs of our brain. It is important to create a balanced nutritional intake for both body and brain for the overall functioning of a human being.

Today, we have with Will Nitze who talks about the combination of the nutritional needs of the two parts from his personal experience and how his nutrition bar caters to these needs.

About Will Nitze

Will Nitze is the founder & CEO of IQBAR, a brain, and body nutrition company. Will showed extensive interest in understanding brain nutrition needs after experiencing chronic failings with his brain in his mid-20s. He appeals to the already saturated market of protein bars with the unique combination of brain and body nutrition needs. 


Will talks about the venture which focuses on combining body and brain nutrition needs and how they are also evolving to cater to varied product lines, with the common umbrella of combining the two essential functioning units. 

He talks at great length about the two fuels that rule the brain: glucose and ketone molecules. Further, he discusses several other nutrient needs of the brain. 


Will calls it tricky oy to incorporate all essential nutrients into one bar as one needs to take numerous factors into account: ranging from procurement cost and selling cost to the taste and flavour for better market reach. 

He says, “Running a science-based business is tricky. It all comes down to your advertising.” He talks at great length about striking a balance to cater to different types of customers, ones who want to get into the details of the science-based facts and ones who are happy knowing they are consuming something healthy.

He also talks about their innovation to cater to all diets: vegan, paleo, and keto. 


Will feels that the trust and repurchasing power of the product makes it a strong brand. He emphasises the importance of product consistency, and quality. 

Will, however, understands the importance of the target audience and doesn’t run in a race to include everyone in the customer range. He says, “You cannot please everyone. You do not need 7 billion people. All you need is thousands of people who feel the importance of your brand and are enough for a good business.”

He concludes on a note where he wants IQBAR to be compared with food items and is available in grocery shops.   


Will Nitze is the Founder & CEO of IQBAR, a Boston-based brain, and body nutrition company. After studying psychology as an undergrad at Harvard, Will became fascinated with the human brain and how it functions. Then, in his mid-20’s he experienced chronic failings with his own brain – including daily headaches – that he traced back to his high-carb diet. 

By eliminating staples like bread and pasta from his regimen, he staged an astounding cognitive recovery!

In 2017, after failing to identify ready-to-eat products that matched his new regimen, Will begin tinkering in his apartment kitchen on a protein bar optimized for brain and body nutrition. After countless iterations, he launched a successful crowdfunding campaign and incorporated IQBAR. While the product line has evolved over the years, Will’s mission of empowering “doers” through better nutrition has never wavered. IQBARs are now sold in 7,000 US locations and on all major e-commerce platforms.

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