Bhuman Dani, Founder & CEO, WickedGud

Bhuman Dani, Founder & CEO, WickedGud

  • Bhuman Dani is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WickedGud.
  • He was earlier with BCG (Boston Consulting Group).



In a world where indulging in guilty pleasures often comes at the expense of our well-being, one audacious entrepreneur is challenging the status quo. Meet Bhuman Dani, the visionary mind behind WickedGud, a culinary crusader on a mission to transform our favorite junk foods into guilt-free, mouthwatering feasts. In a society where fast food reigns supreme and nutritional compromise seems inevitable, Dani’s innovative startup dares to ask, “Why can’t we have our noodle and eat it too?”

00:30- About Bhuman Dani

  • Bhuman Dani is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WickedGud.
  • He was earlier with BCG (Boston Consulting Group).

01:50- Can you share the origin story of WickedGud and what inspired you to start this company?

  • I believe that in recent years, our food has become crude and filled with artificial ingredients. 
  • The prevalence of empty calories, sugar, and unhealthy oils made me rethink my eating habits. 
  • Realizing that others shared these concerns, I decided to make a change. 
  • I developed the concept of guilt-free indulgences and created the brand WickedGud, which transforms indulgent junk into nourishing meals using fresh ingredients. 
  • Our aim is to empower mothers who are losing the battle against unhealthy eating trends and offer a healthier alternative without compromising taste.

11:21- What do you think is the key to creating delicious and innovative dishes?

  • I believe that if you’ve launched the perfect product, you’ve launched too late. 
  • As a startup, it’s important to constantly seek improvement and listen to consumer feedback. 
  • I’ve learned the value of agility and making necessary adjustments based on taste preferences and market demands. 
  • While I may not have a perfect product yet, I’m committed to continuously hustling and striving for improvement.

16:44- How do you use Social Media to build your brand?

  • In my opinion, content is key, and it’s crucial to speak the language that resonates with our consumers. 
  • As a startup with limited budgets, digital mediums become our primary focus. We must use them efficiently to maximize our impact.
  •  Bringing on board a brand ambassador can greatly help in scaling up our social media presence and reaching a wider audience. 
  • Once we have established product-market fit and identified our target audience, selecting a brand ambassador who aligns with that audience becomes essential. 
  • It’s about going all-in and leveraging their influence to the fullest extent.


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  • Bhuman Dani is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WickedGud.
  • He was earlier with BCG (Boston Consulting Group).

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