Nikky Kho | Entrepreneur and Investor

 Nikky Kho | Entrepreneur and Investor

  • Nikky is an entrepreneur and an investor.
  • He is the founder of a venture studio. 



Welcome to our exploration of the innovative world of Venture Studios – a dynamic and transformative approach to entrepreneurship and innovation. In this episode, we dive deep into the concept of Venture Studios and how they play a crucial role in nurturing and growing startups from inception to successful execution. Join us in this enriching exploration of Venture Studios, where innovation meets impact and dreams become reality.

[00:35] – About Nikky Kho

  • Nikky is an entrepreneur and an investor.
  • He is the founder of a venture studio. 
  • Nikky is a fellow member of the YPO. 

[02:23] – Tell me about your venture studio. What are you doing there?

  • Our venture studio has a unique approach to entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Venture studio operates more holistically than a typical startup accelerator.
  •  It combines elements of idea generation, team formation, capital allocation and operational support, to nurture and grow ventures from inception to its execution.
  • We offer guidance, mentorship and access to a network of industry experts and investors.
  • The venture studio model utilizes cutting edge technologies and tools such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and rapid prototyping.
  • These enable rapid iteration market validation, and then scalability for the ventures within the studio’s portfolio.

[08:18] – Do you foster some kind of collaboration between the startups in their own ecosystem?

  • One of the biggest differentiators in terms of fostering collaboration is that it’s a key component for inter teamwork.
  • It takes place within our ventures in terms of partnerships and sharing team resources.
  • We believe that fostering a collaborative environment, we can unlock tremendous value.
  • That drives innovation across portfolio companies. 
  • We facilitate regular networking events and knowledge sharing sessions. 
  • We also encourage cross pollination of ideas by creating spaces for startups that can interact on a day to day basis.  

[18:03] – What are some trends you are seeing in the startup ecosystem?

  • The first is increased focus on technology driven innovation across industries. 
  • Another is the growing emphasis on sustainability and social impact.
  • Startups are recognizing the importance of addressing environmental and societal and social challenges. 
  • We are witnessing a rise of startups focusing on renewable energy, clean technology, sustainable agriculture, healthcare access and social enterprise.
  • There is a strong trend towards remote work and digital transformation.
  • This trend opens up new possibilities for talent acquisition, market reach and operational efficiency. 


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  • Nikky is an entrepreneur and an investor.
  • He is the founder of a venture studio. 
  • Nikky is a fellow member of the YPO. 

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