Debasish Mitter, Director, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

A CA by qualification, Debasish Mitter never felt satisfied with his corporate job, even after having worked with some of the big companies such as Schlumberger and American Express. Seeing the stage where India was at that point, with its population and industries growing at an unprecedented rate, he decided to come back. With three of his prized skills- Strategic thinking, ability to execute and managing talent, he wanted to be a part of India’s transformative journey and do his bit to contribute to the nation building process of the country. And so, he started working with Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, an organisation that seeks to help the underprivileged children living in urban areas of the country. Tune in to learn more about his journey, the exciting state where India is right now and the multitude of ways in which he is contributing to the growth of the country.


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