Dhiraj Dolwani, Co-Founder & CEO, B2R

Dhiraj Dolwani, Co-Founder & CEO, B2R

Dhiraj is the Co-Founder of B2R- Business to Rural, a for-profit social enterprise.  



The Brand Called You welcomes Mr. Dhiraj Dolwani on the vodcast today. Dhiraj is the Co-Founder of B2R- Business to Rural, a for-profit social enterprise. Dhiraj is in conversation with host Ashutosh Garg about his professional journey as a social entrepreneur and the work he does at B2R.

Dhiraj shares that B2R is an initiative that is working towards providing alternative livelihood options for the people in rural communities. He wanted to provide options that are not related to farming and agriculture and are sustainable for the rural settlements. Dhiraj talks about the goal of driving change in the community by job creation. His work includes providing job opportunities and outsourcing to global customers. Dhiraj throws light on the meaning of impact sourcing and also explains why he picked Uttarakhand as a starting point for his venture. He also shares stories of the people he has helped. His venture has not only helped people get jobs but has also empowered women to step out of the traditional household chores and take up financial roles. 

Honesty and integrity are the key values in which Dhiraj strongly believes in!


I am passionate about technology-enabled social change, and in 2009, I co-founded B2R (Business-To-Rural) a for-profit social enterprise, with a belief that social goals and business objectives can be strategically hard-wired together; that inclusive livelihood creation, integrated rural development, and business value creation can go hand-in-hand. For eleven years, B2R is implementing livelihood creation in rural India in an Impact Sourcing – rural BPO model in Uttarakhand (and recently, in Mexico too).

My professional experience over twenty-eight years is multi-disciplinary: ranging in Business Process Management, IT-Software program management, and Quality Systems & Process Consulting – with domestic & international exposure in the business unit and P&L management, program & engagement management, and project consultancy & training – in manufacturing & service sectors. I am an Industrial Engineer (1991) and a Master’s in Engineering (Systems & Information) from BITS Pilani (1993).

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