Emma Hoch, YNG Global Impact Officer; Co-Founder, WONDR Mobile App

Emma Hoch, YNG Global Impact Officer; Co-Founder, WONDR Mobile App

Emma Hoch is a young leader who creates impact by leveraging powerful networks. As the first YNG Global Impact Officer, she is in charge of the impact journey for 20,000+ YNG members.



Emma rightly says, “Purpose-driven is the whole new definition and a whole new goal for our generation”.

Emma Hoch, the YNG (YPO NextGen) Global Impact Officer, is from Germany. She is a One Young World Ambassador. She is studying politics, psychology, law, and economics. She is also a co-founder of a mobile app called ‘WONDR’.

She is our guest for this episode of The Brand Called You. In a very interesting conversation with our host, she talks about various things including the work and operations of YNG and the areas covered by the organization. She also tells us what makes the younger generation so purpose-driven. Later in the conversation, she tells us about the mobile app she is building. In the conversation, we also get a glimpse of her personal life and what keeps her motivated.

About YNG and Emma’s role there

YNG is the child organization of YPO. YPO is the biggest CEO network in the world with over 30,000 members in more than 140 countries. To use the network and resources YPO has, for creating an impact in society, YNG brings the children of those CEOs, aged between 18 to 30 years, together with the purpose of shaping the next generation of leaders.

Emma, as a Global Impact Officer, sets the foundation for the younger generation to increase and create their impact and find their position in the world. She says that our generation is very purpose-driven and works with a vision of creating a positive impact on society. She tries to find that spark in the YNGers and helps them leverage and use the network to grow their impact.

Areas took into consideration by YPO

Emma tells us that there are four major impact networks that YNG is working on. They are:

  • People
  • Peace
  • Planet
  • Sustainable Businesses

Apart from these, Emma likes to apply the communication of the SDGs created by the UN to categorize the areas of impact.

Does Emma feel that all the members of YNG are aware enough?

Emma says that she smells awareness throughout the YNG network. She tells us she and her fellow YNGers understand that they come from a very privileged background and realize that they can use their position to create a positive impact on society. She believes that her generation is very purpose-driven and purpose is the driving force for them. For them, it is like a new definition of working.

Challenges and learnings

Emma believes that all the challenges and opportunities revolve around humans. Challenges take place because sometimes the process of doing good can take too long due to limited time and effort. 

Environmental challenges faced by the world

Emma tells us that all the environmental issues eventually contribute to climate change and climate change then is the source of many environmental problems. 

She believes that all the problems occur due to a lack of awareness. She says that awareness plays a profound role for a lot of people. Awareness is also very much influenced by personal experiences. She believes that if all the 30,000 members of YPO take up one environmental project per person, it would be beyond good.

Working for the refugee crisis

Discussing the work she is doing for the refugees, Emma tells us that her main goal was to ease the path for the refugees to get into the job market. Fortunately, she is a part of the biggest CEO network in the world. She asked the YPO members to employ and mentor the refugees. She got an incredible response and saw eagerness in the YPOers to help them. She tells us that many big businesses were not feeling ready to employ the refugees in their organizations, however, they were really enthusiastic to embrace a personal experience and journey with a refugee and a migrant to help them.

Why is Emma creating the mobile app called ‘WONDR’?

Emma, with her team, has developed a mobile application called ‘WONDR’. She tells us that her goal of making this application is enabling human connection. They do it by giving them an icebreaker journey, asking them different questions to engage them in a conversation. They engage them with the people they already know, so that they are comfortable and get to know each other more through those questions.


Emma Hoch is a young leader who creates impact by leveraging powerful networks. As the first YNG Global Impact Officer, she is in charge of the impact journey for 20,000+ YNG members. Her goal is to expose members to the world-changing possibilities that the YNG/YPO network possesses and inspire them to take action for a cause close to their hearts, whether it is for the environment or helping refugees.

As a One Young World ambassador, Emma has spearheaded the collaboration between the two global networks, to enable users to be a part of the next generation of thought leadership, and help them make the connections needed to amplify the impact they want to make.

Next to co-founding the first global YNG “Hack the Future” Hackathon, she is part of programs connecting refugees to YPO mentors. Her big passion is to connect the dots between young leaders and organizations, CEOs as well as experts.

Outside of her work in global networks, she is part of a young women team to improve conversations and connections between users and their loved ones through “Wondr“, a mobile app, first launched as connection students on walks during the pandemic in Amsterdam and is growing across Europe to help people with their holistic self-development.

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