Ester Martinez, originally from Barcelona, Spain, came to India to pursue her MBA from the Indian School of Business, with a specialisation in Human Resources. She has worked in the HR division of companies like TCS and HP. After realising she wants to venture out on her own, she founded People Matters – a community that focuses on the composition and impact of people in various organisations. She aims to bridge the gap between what makes the current focus of organisations and what the focus of the organisation should be, along with how organisations can better anticipate their needs and how they can properly align it with the right strategies for better implementation. She talks about her shift from a comfortable corporate job in Spain to gathering the courage of shifting to a new country and setting up a business there and making it into the success that it is today. She characterises her career by her want to adapt and contribute constantly. Ester Martinez is also a TedX speaker. Tune in to learn more!

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