Superfoods are making a comeback in everyone’s life since the beginning of this pandemic. One such great comeback has been of our beloved Honey. Honey is found in every kitchen, at every home, but we have always treated it like medicine because of its rich antioxidant properties. But things surely are turning around with more and more benefits of daily consumption of honey coming to our notice.

Today on our show, we have an entrepreneur who is making and selling honey in a very innovative way, Jigar Mehta. Jigar is the Co-Founder of Honey Twigs and he shares some very interesting facts about Honey and its benefits. Honey Twigs sells single-serving honey sachets that are easy to carry around and consume. Jigar then tells us that Honey Twigs is associated with many big names, like Starbucks, CCD, Fairmont, Marriott, and many other local and domestic brands. He tells us why honey is THE ingredient and is very beneficial for us if consumed. He busts all our myths concerning honey, be it the purity of honey or its crystallization.

As a young startup entrepreneur, Jigar talks to us about the mistakes startup entrepreneurs make while starting their companies, he shares some of his own mistakes while starting up Honey Twigs. He then shares his insights on when a startup should start scaling up, he tells us that the understanding of the market is the most important thing while doing that.

Jigar’s innovative initiative is winning hearts all over the country! Tune in!

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