Karthik Raghavendran | Co-Founder & CEO, Neurostellar

Karthik Raghavendran | Co-Founder & CEO, Neurostellar

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In this engaging episode, we delve into the world of neurotechnology and the field of brain-computer interfaces with Karthik Raghavendran, the Co-Founder and CEO of Neurostellar. Karthik shares his journey from a passion for science to entrepreneurship and how his company is at the forefront of improving cognitive health. Discover the groundbreaking solutions and ethical considerations in neurotechnology as we explore the future of understanding the human brain. 

[00:33] – About Karthik Raghavendran

  • Karthik is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Neurostellar.
  • He is a Business World 30 under 30 recognised individual.

[04:53] – What are some of the unique solutions that Neurostellar offers in the field of neurotechnology and the brain-computer interface?

  • Neurostellar is building a personalized mental and cognitive training platform. 
  • We have a wearable device that monitors various physiological parameters, including brain activity, heart rate, and breathing rate. 
  • It connects to a mobile app, allowing individuals to track and improve their mental states. 
  • The goal is to enhance mental well-being and cognitive abilities.

[12:24] – Are there any ethical considerations that Neurostellar needs to take into account in the development and deployment of these technologies?

  • Data security and privacy are paramount ethical considerations. 
  • Since we collect biological and personal data, we take all necessary measures to ensure data privacy. 
  • Compliance with regulations and protective measures is crucial before deploying our technologies to the mass market.

[17:19] – What are three key lessons you have learned in your journey in building Neurostellar?

  • Increased awareness of societal problems and how technology can address them.
  • A sense of discipline and responsibility as an entrepreneur.
  • The excitement and adventure that entrepreneurship brings.


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  • Karthik is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Neurostellar.
  • He is a Business World 30 under 30 recognised individual.

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