Sachin Agrawal, Co founder CEO, ConsultTrans Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

Sachin Agrawal, Co-founder CEO, ConsultTrans Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

Sachin Agrawal, Co-founder CEO, ConsultTrans Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

Young Enthusiastic Thought Leader, a Post Graduate in Sales and Marketing Management.  I come from a service class family background, wherein my father served around 40+ years with RBI and mother was a housewife. 



This episode of The Brand Called You, brings you a very accomplished personality, Sachin Agrawal. Sachin is the co-founder and CEO of ConsultTrans Technology Solutions Private Limited, a company that has built a technology platform to improve efficiencies for large transport providers and large users of such transport solutions, especially for the B2B customers. This platform will ensure that companies will not need to deal with multiple suppliers. 

About ConsultTrans Technology Solutions Private Limited

ConsultTrans Technology Solutions have different kinds of services to offer. They act as consultancy on how the client organization is going to handle its transportation services efficiently with the optimum use of technology. Secondly, they also do the execution and implementation for them. They call it MMP which is the ‘Manage Mobility Program’. They also ensure that the client organization does not need to deal with multiple transportation companies, they handle the work for them.

How ConsultTrans help manage the transportation?

The ConsultTrans Technology Solutions Private Limited platform is able to bring in significant efficiencies into the outsourcing process and he believes that given the technology they have developed, there could be a saving of as much as 15 to 20% in both costs as well as utilisations of transportation fleets by optimizing the operations and thus giving savings to the clients.

Transportation challenges in India

When asked about the transportation challenges in India, he stated there is a huge risk company carry which Sachin is able to mitigate through adequate insurance. He tells us that large companies spend more than 100 crores on transportation. To manage this operation, the companies have to put in a lot of effort. These efforts are wasted on an operation that is not even a core operation for the organization. ConsultTrans Technology Solutions steps in here are the organizations that can outsource the transport management from ConsultTrans and save not only their efforts but cost as well.

Developing key insights knowledge to drive businesses

Sachin has developed  “key insights, knowledge and passion to drive businesses” which have helped him to make this journey from a professional manager to an entrepreneur. He believes in hiring the “right” people and not necessarily the most qualified people.

Sachin has always been passionate about selling and he believes that it is this ability to be a good salesperson that will bring him in front of a lot of customers for his new platform.

As a Startup entrepreneur, he has had some interesting learnings and he believes that in the next few months he will have a very stable and robust platform that will be able to deliver the many efficiencies that he has when working with.

Three key milestones in Sachin’s career

Sachin tells us that he used to work for USHA in the initial days of his career. After some time he got the opportunity to work with LG which was an MNC, his pay doubled and he learnt a lot there. So he considers moving from a conventional brand to an MNC was his first milestone. Second milestone of his life was becoming the CEO of the assignment he was doing prior to ConsultTrans Technology. Founding ConsultTrans Technology Solutions and starting up as an entrepreneur remains the third milestone in Sachin’s career according to him.

Sachin Aggarwal’s source of Inspiration

Sachin draws his inspiration from Warren Buffet’s quote “if you buy things you do not need, you will have no money to buy the things you will need in future”. Based on this learning, Sachin ensures that he saves one third of monthly income every month.

Sachin’s advice to the young individuals starting their journey in the corporate world

In Sachin’s opinion, it is important to study well, but marks and grades do not matter after a point of time. What actually matters is how passionate you are about what you do. He suggests youngsters to either make their hobby their profession, or their profession their hobby. He believes that if you are proficient in what you are doing, success will be yours.


Young Enthusiastic Thought Leader, a Post Graduate in Sales and Marketing Management.  I come from a service class family background, wherein my father served around 40+ years with RBI and mother was a housewife.   We are 4 siblings and with limited resources our father had, we are born and brought up in Delhi, studied in Govt. schools all throughout and have had a very simple, middle class life with very high social and family values.   Today, we are a small family of three-myself, my wife and a 11-year-old son.

Having started my career as a Typist with Ranbaxy (during my graduation Year 1994) for a tenure of around 2.5 years, switched over to Sales with Usha International Ltd, spent around 3.5 years and then with LG Electronics for about 4.5 years as an Area Manager. This is how my Professional journey started into Sales for the initial about 10 years.  For over last around 14+ years I have been part of the service Industry, primarily with boot-strapped start-ups, wherein I got opportunity to learn and held roles into Managing P&L, with large teams.

Last 5.5 years, I have held Leadership roles, wherein I started (under employment) a bootstrapped brand called Aaveg Management Services Pvt. Ltd. In Year 2015, Pioneered a unique unconventional model into Consulting and Managed Services into Transportation, consulted some large MNCs in the 1st year of launching, started as Vice President and Promoted as COO in Year 2018 to take complete charge of business.  Aaveg started with just 2 employees, boot-strapped and has seen a phenomenal growth over last 4 years taking it to team size of 120+ people with multiple business verticals.

While building Aaveg, though I was working like an intraprenuer, always had that instinct of doing my own, I decided to launch my own venture called Consulttrans Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. very recently into Consulting and Managed Mobility space for Transportation and Logistics.  Consulttrans, headquartered in NCR, offering these services to large B2B clients in multiple cities and has ambitious plans to grow business in other global markets as well in near future.

I am an early riser, love being close to nature, Practice Yoga 4-5 days in a week, passionate about reading books on Leadership and spend my leisure time with family and playing Badminton.  Have been a State level Badminton player during my school days.

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