Nadine B Hack, CEO, beCause Global Consulting

Nadine B Hack, CEO, beCause Global Consulting

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are vital to creating and maintaining a successful workplace; one founded on the principle that all people can thrive personally and professionally.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are vital to creating and maintaining a successful workplace; one founded on the principle that all people can thrive personally and professionally. Before you begin to reevaluate your efforts and implement new practices, it’s important that you fully understand each component, both individually and how they work together. Nadine B Hack, CEO, beCause Global Consulting, is here to explain these terms in detail.

Unlike before, schools, colleges, and the workplace today are focusing on creating an inclusive environment to provide equal opportunities to everyone.  But there’s still a long way to go to spread the concept of inclusivity and diversity to every individual.


[00:32] About Nadine B Hack

  • Nadine is the CEO of beCause Global Consulting.
  • She is a Senior Board Advisor to Global Citizens Circle.
  • She is amongst the Top 100 Thought Leaders.
  • She is a coach and specializes in CSR, ESG, and DEI.

[01:16] About beCause Global Consulting

  • It is all about connectedness.
  • We help individuals and organizations to connect and align with their own core purpose.
  • Then to connect across silos within our enterprises to promote synergies versus the hemorrhaging of opportunities.
  • Creating connectedness is central to beCause work. We help individuals and organizations to connect to their core purpose, connect across silos within their organizations and connect with external stakeholders, friendly and even adversarial, all based on building and sustaining trust.

[04:24] About Global Citizens Circle

  • Global Citizens Circle was founded in 1974.
  • We engage in dialogue and subsequent action to tackle problems that transcend nations or sectors.
  • We’ve maintained the underlying value that everybody’s voice has value and that mutually respectful interactions in a safe environment yields remarkable results.
  • For more than four decades, Global Citizens Circle has operated on the belief that enduring solutions to local, national and global issues require extraordinary, long-term commitment and that substantive and sustained dialogue is the most effective tool to foster constructive change. A Circle is a highly interactive, moderated conversation.
  • Concerned individuals with diverse backgrounds add unique personality to each program.
  • Our discussion leaders have come from more than 53 countries, and the participants come from all over the world.

[07:55] Inclusion all over the world

  • Progress is never just a straight line. It is up and down but as long as the arc of history is long but it bends towards justice.
  • It has always been true that the more types of people who are at the table, the more comprehensive will be the decision making process.

[17:39] Three Life lessons

  • Be Self-Aware
  • You must cultivate relationships with people who operate in completely different spheres from yourself
  • We must be ready to shift perceptions and seek out innovative alternatives


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CSR, ESG, DEI advocate with pioneering work on engagement leadership & Strategic Relational Engagement in & among entities & sectors improves productivity, profitability, sustainability.

Was Executive-in-Residence IMD Business School where maintains affiliation with focus on responsible leadership incl human rights, diversity, inclusion & other aspects of corporate citizenship.

Articles about or by her in Forbes, Financial Times, HuffPo, NYT, & other intl publications. Interviews on TV, radio, podcasts, YouTube. TEDx; on SheSource global database of women experts.

Master’s degrees: Harvard; New School. Fellow: Salzburg Global Seminar; New Westminster College. Created & taught graduate courses at NYU, SNHU; guest lectured at many universities.

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