Govind Jaju, Former Global Supply Chain Head, Ranbaxy

S3-E004-Govind Jaju, Former Global Supply Chain Head, Ranbaxy

Govind Jaju, Former Global Supply Chain Head, Ranbaxy

An industry leader with more than 4 decades of accomplishment laden experience in pharma industry with a proven combination of strategic innovation, entrepreneurial execution and drive.



Supply Chain is one of the largest working networks in the world. It essentially encompasses the entire system of the production to the sale of a product- like delivering from the supplier to the manufacturer and lastly to the end consumer. Supply chains are an indispensable part of any business. Supply Chain Management presents some of the largest employment opportunities to a number of working sectors. 

The pharma industry has highly benefited from the working of supply chains. The Brand Called You is back for a brand new season with stories of hundreds of talented professionals. Our newest addition is the ‘Supply Chain Gurus’ series. And today on the podcast we have supply chain expert Govind Jaju! 

Govind is the former supply chain head of Ranbaxy handling over 100 markets in the world. He is also the Founding Partner of Suingora Consulting LLP, which is an advisory service firm in the pharma industry. Govind has been a supply chain expert for the last four decades. 

In this interview with our host Ashutosh Garg, Govind highlights the many aspects of supply chain networks. Ashutosh has covered some very helpful and frequently asked questions in this interview and it is definitely going to catch the attention of entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals. Govind believes that the pharma industry has four very distinct challenges when it comes to supply chain networks. While explaining each of these challenges, Govind also highlights the trends of these challenges. 

He throws light on reverse supply chains being unique only to the pharma industry. He speaks about the role of APIs in the supply chain process and how technology is changing the game. 

Govind strongly believes that the coming years will witness drone deliveries and completely digitized supply networks. He further also talks about the changes the government can bring about to ensure more efficient working of supply chains.

Tune in to the full interview to know more about supply chains, their presence in the digitized world, and the many changes taking place in the industry. 


An industry leader with more than 4 decades of accomplishment laden experience in pharma industry with a proven combination of strategic innovation, entrepreneurial execution and drive. Has proficiency in handling diverse verticals, advising large and medium scale enterprises and creating CXO-level positions . Offers a blend of executive acumen, global team building and is credited with turning around difficult businesses to generate strong ROI through operational improvement at Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. (where he was an Executive Committee Member), Nicholas Piramal and Geoffrey Manners.

A founding partner in Suingora Consulting LLP, which provides comprehensive expert advisory service to pharmaceutical companies from India to grow profitably & expand their operations globally and assists international companies’ access Indian pharmaceutical market.

Spearheaded diverse portfolio of Technical, Marketing & Commercial functions covering API Manufacturing, API Marketing, Global Formulations Manufacturing, Global Supply Chain, Global Material Sourcing, Contract Manufacturing, Global Logistics in addition to Environment, Health and Safety, Green field Projects, Technology transfer and Continuous Improvement initiatives having more than 7000 employees. Demonstrated core competencies in general management at corporate level.

Turned around a low-profitability API business while managing P & L for the division and brought about growth with improved profits. Strategically managed 8 company acquisitions world-wide with smooth transition and anchored major initiatives and innovations e.g. Designing Global Supply Chain, SAP implementation, Cost Optimisation, De-risking, e-Sourcing, Strategic Alliances and many more.

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