Heather Osgood, Founder, True Native Media

Heather Osgood, Founder, True Native Media

Heather guides advertisers through the logistics of podcast advertising so they can drive sales, increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, and market their message to reach new consumers.



The Podcast industry has seen a lot of growth around the world in the last few years, so much so that it is said that the number of people listening to podcasts is lesser than those making it. So how does one drive listeners to listen to their podcast when there is so much competition. The answer lies with our guest Heather Osgood, the founder of True Native Media. Heather is a marketer from the US and helps podcasters turn their passion into something meaningful. 

Heather shares that her career in advertising and sales in her early career gave her the confidence and ability to go out and speak to anyone. She informs us that her company helps podcasts reach and become a big player globally. Heather believes that a podcast should know its target audience, create quality content, edify the viewer’s life in some way, and be consistent with their content before she takes them on as a client. 

Heather shares the role of a host in the sales/listenership of a podcast. She explains the connection between the brand, host, and the audience and tells us how it directly impacts if a person is going to come back and listen to the podcast again. 

In this age of digital media and digital marketing, we have left behind the conventional ways of marketing and our focus is primarily on digital platforms. Heather comments on this shift and tells us that it is much easier to assess the success of digital marketing in other ways. 

Tune in to this interview and learn many interesting facts about podcast advertising, digital marketing, and more!


I help podcasters turn their passion into a sustainable profession by monetizing their podcasts. I work primarily with podcasters who have a minimum of 10,000 downloads per episode and are interested in securing meaningful ad dollars for their shows. “Working with True Native Media has been a dream! I get to spend time doing what I love most (podcasting), while True Native Media takes care of the rest. I know I have a great team on my side, nothing but positive experiences working with them over the past years.” SAMANTHA LEE WRIGHT – The Essential Oil Revolution As a long-time entrepreneur and business owner, I understand firsthand the importance of strategic marketing; and my ad sales background has always been about helping companies grow market share and sales. Podcast Advertising is a rapidly growing medium with a proven track record for delivering results. Together, we can make the connection between advertisers, podcast hosts, and podcast listeners. If you are interested in growing your podcast through podcast advertising, reach out to me! If you are a company or marketer looking for a fresh way to reach your consumers, let’s talk! I’d love to tell you more about how the program works.

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