Anant Kasibhatla, Focus and Memory Coach, Limca World Record holder for Memory

Helping people to stay Focused and Remember better | Anant Kasibhatla, Focus and Memory Coach, Limca World Record holder for Memory

Anant Kasibhatla, Focus and Memory Coach, Limca World Record holder for Memory

I am a second-generation Focus & Memory expert with a cumulative experience of over 80 years in helping people to harness their memory and focus to get better results faster.



How often do you wish that you had a superpower of never forgetting anything? Right before exams? Or when your wife is upset with you because you forgot her birthday? Quite often, right! Well, there is good news for you. You can actually train your brain to remember everything. Let us introduce you to a person who can literally remember everything he wants to.

Our guest for today, Anant Kasibhatla, is a Limca World Record holder for Memory. He is a memory expert and a Focus and Memory Coach. Not only can he remember everything, but also make other people remember too.

He believes that memory needs to be trained in a manner that is very similar to what we may see with any other skill that we would like to possess.

The work of the Focus and Memory Coach

Anant tells us that he helps people to double their results with lesser effort and in less time by helping them improve their focus and remember better. He says that people do not get any training on how to improve their memory. They think that memory is an automatic process that is wrong. One has to learn how to remember things. 

About the Limca World Record holder for Memory and the process used for testing Anant

Anant recalls that when he went to the testing platform, he was asked to remember the faces, names, and phone numbers of 73 random people. He was asked the name and he had to say his phone number and vice versa. It was going pretty well then one person stood up. He gave Anant a phone number which he could not immediately respond to. He asked for the number again but still couldn’t remember. He then thought a little bit more about it and then said the name of the person the number belonged to and told that it was his number but in reverse order. This is how he was given the title of the Limca World Record Holder for Memory

The relationship between focus and memory

Anant tells us that he is a hardcore memory expert. He can not only remember anything he wants to but also make other people remember too. To give us an example he tells us that he has taught people languages that he himself doesn’t know.

While studying memory, he realized that memory is not as critical as focus. He understood that focus should come first if someone needs to improve their memory. He says that if your focus is sorted, your memory will fall in place.

Does memory weaken with the growing age?

Anant tells us that memory getting weak with growing age is a complete myth. It is merely a well-established perception that makes older people believe that their memory is weak.

Why do women remember better than men?

When asked why men apparently have poorer memories than women, he laughed and said, women, are more emotional and tend to go into much more detail. Emotions do have an impact on memory. Memory is directly proportional to emotions. To make us understand better, he uses a very basic example of how men and women buy shampoo. He said that while buying a shampoo, while women will look at the ingredients and features, men will buy simply because the bottle has shampoo written on it. He believes that if you are emotionally connected to something, you will naturally focus more on it thus remembering it for a very long time.

Anant follows a four-step process for improving one’s memory.

  • Stop Making Mistakes – Memory is output intensive, not input-intensive
  • Mindset – the sum total of what we relate with for a particular topic
  • How to strategy – how to bring back our focus, how to remember difficult things, how to focus in unfavorable conditions
  • Hacks and shortcuts – these can only be used by people who are professionals. 


I am a second generation Focus & Memory expert with a cumulative experience of over 80 years in helping people to harness their memory and focus to get better results faster. I have authored 2 books – How to become a top student and Instant Memory Improvement (Published from Malaysia and Singapore)

In my 26 years of personal experience I have conducted my trainings and talks in 9 countries with an audience from over 55 countries. I had an opportunity to work with people from all walks of life including Movie stars, Politicians, Lawyers, Doctors and even Defence & Police personnel to enhance their Focus and Memory Skills. I have also conducted my workshops for several fortune 500 companies and various levels of hierarchy across the organisations including CXOs. I have trained the Royal Members of Malaysia including the King’s daughter and Grand daughter

Some other important things about me you would probably like to know are:

– I am a limca record holder for Memory and my record stands uncontested even after 2 decades

– Active Rotary member for over 10 years and served as President and taken roles on Dist level too

– Was the treasurer for Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers

– Was a charter member of a Phoenix toastmasters club (ECube)

– Super active member of Malaysia Mental Literacy Movement and delivered talks across length and breadth of Malaysia

– Initiated the Malaysian National Memory Championship and was the chief judge and chair of the committee for 6 years.

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