Vikas Pota, Founder and CEO, T4 Education

Vikas Pota, Founder and CEO, T4 Education

  • Vikas Pota is the Founder & CEO of T4 Education, a digital platform he established as a response to the challenges posed by the pandemic on education, globally.




Poor quality education is leading to poor learning outcomes in India, ultimately pushing children out of the education system and leaving them vulnerable to child labor, abuse, and violence. Many classrooms continue to be characterized by teacher-centered rote learning, corporal punishment, and discrimination. We have brought Vikas Pota, Founder and CEO, of T4 Education to talk to us about quality education.

00:32- About Vikas Pota

  • Vikas Pota is the Founder & CEO of T4 Education, a digital platform he established as a response to the challenges posed by the pandemic on education, globally.
  • Prior to T4, in the education sector, Vikas set up and ran a philanthropic foundation focused on teachers where he launched and ran the Global Teacher Prize as a way of shining a spotlight on the greatness of the profession.
  • Vikas serves on several non-profit boards including The Education Outcomes Fund, Artists in Residence, Global School Leaders, Queen Rania Teacher Academy, Educate Girls, and Teach for All.

01:20- About T4 Education

  • T4 is a global organization committed to providing engaging tools, initiatives, and events for educators and schools which help to improve the quality of education.
  • T4’s digital platform is a direct response to the adverse impact of the pandemic on education the world over. We want to give educators a larger voice.

02:27- Challenges and leanings while scaling up

  • The scale comes from the goodwill and support of people.
  • I’ve always been a believer in community.

06:33- What steps you are taking through T4 education to achieve quality education for all by 2030?

  • The best investment we can make in the education sector is to make sure that teachers can perform their roles effectively.
  • In t4 our preoccupation is helping in the professional learning journey of teachers, educators, and schools.

08:25- Teacher Tech Summit

  • We need to do more to help teachers incorporate technology into their practice, and the teacher tech summit is all about making sure that we have a show-and-tell method where teachers get inspiration from other teachers.
  • There’s a narrative that’s been built up in the world which is teachers are obstacles to progress, and that is not the case.


You can connect with Vikas Pota- LinkedIn

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Vikas Pota, Founder and CEO of T4 Education, was this month named the 2022 Global Impact Award honoree for Europe by the YPO – the 30,000 strong global leadership community of extraordinary chief executives – for his phenomenal impact on education and teachers during the pandemic.

Vikas founded startup T4 Education at the height of the pandemic in 2020 to respond to the crisis suddenly faced by teachers all around the world to keep students learning and close education gaps when schools were shut.

T4 Education has grown from there and is building the world’s largest community of teachers and schools – over 200,000 from over 100 countries to date – and its digital media platform provides opportunities for educators to network, collaborate, share good practices, and support each other’s efforts to improve learning in the wake of COVID.

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