Adil Malia, CEO, The Firm

Adil Malia, CEO, The Firm

Adil Malia, CEO, The Firm

Adil has a direct 3degree in Commerce, a Bachelors degree in Law, a Master’s degree in )Human Resources Management from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences.



About Adil

Adil is the CEO of The Firm, a business management consultancy organization. He has been a senior corporate leader at Godrej, Spencer, Coca-cola, and he is also a business coach.

 What is the 9g Model of Leadership?

The 9G model that Adil is working on talks about the nine elements of people leadership that a business leader or the CEO of an organization needs to have delivered to him. These nine elements are: get, give, grow, guard, guide, govern, granulate, germinate, and galvanize about each of which Adil explains in the video. Adil recommends business leaders perform these 9 roles that people expect from them. 

How is technology impacting the human resources function? 

Adil believes that a lot has changed over the years with the impact of technology. Earlier, the owner or the CEO used his years of experience and relied more on their gut or instinct to deliver company programs to see what would work and what wouldn’t. However, now they rely on database insights not only to understand and offer services but also to use them as predictive services. 

“From a no database to an absolute high-end hyperdata integration is what has led to insightful decisions, faster reach, and effective communication.” 

How is the work from home scenario going to change the Human resource management function? 

According to Adil, the unexpected situation caused by the pandemic made the world go from thinking about digitization to leapfrogging into it. He also says that there’s so much confusion about digitization and work from home and clarifies that digitization is much more and beyond work from home. Everything including tactics of leadership, business management, etc., is going to be changed with digitization even after work from home is over and people start going to the office. Adil recommends leaders should stick to old tactics of leadership or past technologies and instead look for innovative ways to be able to connect with the people

Adil’s three secrets to success

“The number one secret to success is unleashing the magic to being a good person.” He maintains that a person needs to have his values right, hold high integrity, maintain authenticity, and have the ability to empathize with others. The second secret of success, according to Adil, is learning the trick of esoteric leadership. The art of esoteric leadership is critical, says Adil, and makes the leader effective and not just efficient. The third magic of success that Adil talks about is the importance of understanding the phases of relationships. He emphasizes that today’s net worth is determined by your network. The more you build positive relationships, the better are your chances of success.


Dr. Adil Malia is currently CEO of a Business Management Consultancy called ‘The FiRM’.

Adil has a direct 3degree in Commerce, a Bachelors degree in Law, a Master’s degree in )Human Resources Management from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences. He has also attended the ‘Coca-Cola Wharton l’ Advanced Management Program and has been bestowed a ‘Causa Honoris’ Doctorate in Philosophy.

Adil has over 4 decades of Corporate experience in India and overseas, working in large reputed professionally managed National and Multinational Cos like Godrej, GE, Marks & Spencers, Coca-Cola, and Essar.

Adil has experience of corporate working in areas of law, Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Marketing &  OD at Senior Management and Board levels and now into Business Management Consulting. Adil is a much sought-after Business Coach to some of the well-recognized CEOs in business.

Adil believes in developing a ‘full stack’ all-around personality as key to success. An avid reader, Adil writes in several magazines, well quoted for his radical & creative opinions. He is a well-recognized doodler, a social media enthusiast, a reputed Key Note speaker and he plays the Mohan Veena.

When asked to spell out the secrets of success, he said there were 2 principles for this alchemy. First, learn to be a good human being and success will follow you in line. The second is happiness. Do the things that make you happy and you do not have to work even one day in your life.

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