Daniel Erasmus, CEO, Erasmus.AI, NEWSCONSOLE

Daniel Erasmus, CEO, Erasmus io, NEWSCONSOLE

Daniel Erasmus, CEO, Erasmus.AI, NEWSCONSOLE

Daniel Erasmus has been and is facilitating scenario processes for diverse clients across three continents. 



The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome Daniel Erasmus on the podcast. Daniel is a native of South Africa. He is a futurist and a scenario planner. He is a fellow and visiting officer at various universities. 

Most currently, he is the Director of the Digital Thinking Network (DTN) with big clients like Vodafone Nokia City, etc. Daniel’s work has helped him encounter several people like Nobel Laureates, Inventors, etc. Daniel is also a columnist and author of several books! His career is experiential and extremely widespread. 

In conversation with Frits Bussemaker, Daniel shares his incredible journey with the audience. As an active scenario planner, Daniel shares what exactly, scenario planning is. He believes that the future is pluralistic. 

“Scenario is the process saying stop. Instead, step back and try to see what the world could look like and not what it might look like. Scenarios are always plural like marriage, as a harbor. So with scenarios you never have one view of the future. It’s always plural. There are multiple futures.”

Daniel also shares the many benefits of scenario planning and management. With insights into what is happening, it can become easier for us to be ready for the future.

Daniel’s thoughts are plan-oriented and futuristic. He is motivated by his children and wants to make the world a better place for them.


Daniel Erasmus has been and is facilitating scenario processes for diverse clients across three continents. As director of the DTN, Daniel leads a consulting firm that specialises in scenario thinking, transformation processes and licenses early warning systems to organisations interested in looking ahead. Daniel has worked with a range of private and public sector clients as Nokia, Rabobank, the city of Rotterdam, the Rijksgebouwendienst, Schlumberger, Sanoma, Telenor and Vodafone.

Daniel pioneered the use of scenarios to facilitate deep dialogue about the emerging information society. He has facilitated more than a 100 scenario sets resulting in a three year’s project and conference series “the future of digital civilisation in 2030+” hosted in Margaux, France.

Strategic initiatives resulting from DTN scenarios have brough clients some € 400 million in additional valuation. The DTN scenarios have anticipated the global financial crisis in as early as in 2006, a $70+ oil price when it was $23, the founding of the European constitution, shifts to online and mobile television viewing, the dotcom boom and crash, delay in 3G, the dominance of WiFi, the failure of WAP and the success of SMS.

In addition to the consulting work, Daniel is a visiting professor at Ashridge Business School and a fellow at The Rotterdam School of Management. As a lecturer he has taught scenario thinking to more than a 1000 executives and post graduate MBA students at companies and business schools world wide.

Born in South Africa, Daniel lives in Amsterdam with his wife Elisabeth, three daughters and son, who are – he is convinced – the most beautiful in the world! He can be found as often in his office in Amsterdam or on planes, trains and cafes with a laptop, a ristretto (a green tea nowadays) and a yearning for the warm plains of Africa.

Specialties: scenario thinking, strategic planning, transformation, large scale, interventions, innovation

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