Claire Boscq, Customer Experience CX Expert, Global Keynote Speaker, The BizShui Creator

Claire Boscq, Customer Experience CX Expert, Global Keynote Speaker, The BizShui Creator

Claire Boscq is an award-winning customer experience expert. She’s a global keynote speaker and the creator of the BizShui.



The change from customer care to the customer experience is happening. Customer experience is more holistic and aims for a connection rather than making sure nothing is wrong as in customer care. It goes above and beyond customer care to create a connection and cater to the senses of the customers and employees for everyone’s benefit.

Claire Boscq is an award-winning customer experience expert. She’s a global keynote speaker and the creator of the BizShui. Claire talks about customer and employee experience and why it is becoming important to have a connection. She talks about Feng shui and its incorporation into the business world. She also talks bout her books and her method BizShui.

00:56- What is BizShui?

  •  About 13 years ago, somebody mentioned the word feng shui in a conversation. I started to discover what feng shui was, the actual ancient Chinese principle, and the philosophy of creating an environment surrounding you, to support you.
  • I’ve never really brought it into a business environment because I thought people are gonna think it’s a bit woo-woo. This changed after the pandemic.
  • We all ended up working from home. And our environment suddenly had to change totally. And people had to try to adapt to working from the side of a bed or kitchen table and having three or four or five people around them. Everybody was trying to adapt to that environment.

03:37- What is your BizShui method

  • The method comes back to the customer experience and the employee experience. If your customers feel good, they’re going to eat more, they’re going to buy more, they’re going to shop more, and they recommend you to their friends and family.
  • If you’ve got the employees in an environment where they feel good, they’re happy, they’re well looked after, they’re going to perform superbly. They’re going to be happy.
  • I’m an NLP practitioner, I’ve done a lot of emotional intelligence, resilience and that kind of thing. So I brought all those modalities together, to also look at a person and help them outside and help them inside.
  •  And the final piece is that customer experience is part of it. The communication of your business, your brand, how do you talk about it? What’s your website look like? Your promotional materials, all those feelings connect on an emotional level

06:47- Can the physical environment have a direct impact on our state of being?

  • When you walk into a dark retail store and there’s no light, you wonder if somebody is going to attack you because it just doesn’t smell nice, it doesn’t look good, it doesn’t feel safe.
  • If you walk into somewhere, and there’s a smell to it, and it is beautiful, you feel good. People connect with that straightaway because it can directly interact with your happy hormones.
  • Feng Shui is about bringing some of those natural elements from the outside inside. Whether it’s a corporate space, retail space or hospitality space, having those kinds of sensories in your business is a fantastic way to make your customers and employees feel good.

10:31- How do you define customer experience?

  • Customer service is a lot more transactional. You want to serve as though you’re giving service. But customer experience is more about looking at that emotional connection.
  • You want to do everything you can to create a good experience, and this is why we start talking about mapping the customer journey, understanding the touch points of the customer journey, so you can really create those experiences where the customers are gonna feel connected.
  •  I believe we need to be a lot more holistic in our approach to customer experience, bring care, and emotional connection, and use the senses that we have to create an experience that the customers will want to come and experience again and talk about.

13:49- How does culture impact customer experience?

  • The culture is what the organization is about and how you inspire the people around it. We have to create a culture which is going to take people on a journey as a whole, towards giving the customers the best service or creating the best product.
  • It comes back to the values. If you recruit people who have got the same values it just ripples on to the customers, it ripples on to all your marketing.

18:23- Tell us a bit about your books

  • I’m French, so I have always had a thing about writing a book in English. I wanted to be a keynote speaker and learned that you need to have a book if you want to be a keynote speaker.
  • The first book was about customer service, customer experience, and a lot of things that I had in my head that I wanted to put into place where it would make sense for somebody else to do in their own business.
  • When BizShui happened, I decided to finally come out and speak about Feng Shui. That book only took about 8 weeks as I already had a mind map created by writing blogs about it. Having written 3 books prior also helped.

20:59- Lessons you want our viewers and listeners

  • I think that emotional connection and the caring part of it is really important.  I’m hoping that the pandemic will continue to make organisations think more about how people are feeling inside. And how do you connect?
  • By using the five senses you can connect very quickly to anybody around, not just on the business side of it, but also with children, and your family. So it’s a very powerful way to reconnect directly with your emotions and your happy hormones.


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  • Claire Boscq is a senior professional from Jersey, the United Kingdom, and has authored 4 books.
  • She is an award-winning customer experience expert.
  • She’s a global keynote speaker and the creator of the BizShui.

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